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by Norman
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Some days you'll feel ancient
Some say at age thirty
you start to get old,
while others think forty.
(Or so I am told.)

It’s all in your own mind
how old that you are.
Some days you’ll feel ancient
and head for the bar.

When you get up to fifty,
there isn’t much doubt.
Some didn’t believe it
and then they found out.

By then you are wiser;
you’ve been ‘round the block.
You’re no longer trying
to set back the clock.

If you live to be sixty
you’re doing quite well.
But your body and mind, too,
are going to hell.

But look at the bright side:
no need to feel sad,
you still are above ground.
That isn’t so bad.

And when you reach seventy
you might be content
to sit in your rocker,
wonder where the time went.

When you become eighty,
there is a surprise.
You can eat what you want now,
so have some more fries.

You won’t live forever.
You know that is true.
Enjoy every moment
you have ‘til it’s through.

Old isn’t the number
of flames on some cake.
It’s all that you can do
while you are awake.

So wake up and live life,
no matter how old.
Embrace Carpe Diem.
Be happy! Be bold!

You only get one spin,
so give it your best.
There’s lots of time later
for your final rest.

So blow out those candles
and raise up a glass.
Another year older!
My, my how they pass.

Carpe Diem
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