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by Mr M
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How to deal with your depressed mind when Introduced to hash situations like Corvid 19.

Most of the time we have experienced extreme situations in our daily life. Sometimes we are able to overcome some situations sometimes not. There are those who are able to overcome a situation at very beginning some after sometime. Some may not be even be able to overcome them. What we must know is that we are above all situations that is why we are called humans. The mid of a person is like a full sentence. When you make a promise to your mind or make your mind know about something that is to come is like removing one word from a full sentence. Your mind remains with a gap. If maybe you were planning to buy a car by the end of the week you keep on remembering every day until you come at the end of the week. If you will be successful to buy the car your mind will forget easily because the promise has been fulfilled and the gap filled. What if you did not? You will keep on remembering even after that week because the gap was not filled. This can easily lead you to depression or anxiety. What if you promised your mind again to buy the car after two weeks because you did not have money the of week you were expecting to buy. It will be easy for you because the gap in your mind will be filled for some time. What if also by the end of the same week you told your mind that you can no more buy the car because your plans did not go as you expected? You will only be troubled maybe for two to three days and your mind will forget about the car again. This is because the gap was now filled.

What I am trying to say is that the best way to handle a situation is by letting your mind know about the situation and then accepting it. I have one of my favorite quotes I always share on my Instagram account @m_shilenje which says that accepting a situation whether positive or negative is the best way you can do before making any decision over something. Accepting that someone close to you is dead is best thing you can do before deciding to move on. Accepting that you failed in your exams is the best thing you can do before deciding to redo your exam or say goodbye to whatever you were studying. Today we want to know how corvid 19 has become a situation in our lives. We must accept this situation and let our mind know before deciding what next.

When we first heard about corvid 19 most of us did not even know what it meant. We did not even care about doing some research about it. After that most of us made mistakes by letting our minds know about corvid 19 and not accepting as a terrible situation. We also made false promises to our minds not knowing sooner we will be imprisoned by our own minds. Some of us told our mind ha! ha! don't worry this disease is only for some countries. Others said ha! ha! this disease will last for only one month and others also said ha! ha! our scientist and doctors are going to find cure and vaccine soon. Little did we know by doing that we were leaving gaps in our minds that later it would be must and I repeat it would must to be refilled. I know maybe a few of us were able to accept that corvid 19 was a terrible situation in our lives and were able to prepare for the unknown. Such are those who are able to handle a situation at the beginning.

Accepting that corvid 19 is a world pandemic is the best way we should have done before making any decisions or conclusions that most of us did. After our minds knowing that corvid 19 is a world pandemic it would be easy for us to know all the effects it would cause and also accept them. By doing this it would be able for someone overcome a depression and anxiety. This is because someone is not overthinking or his/her mind is not disturbed. His/her mind knows already what is going on and knows anything can happen. For instance, “someone like me I don't even know if corvid 19 exists." Why do I have to say that? This is because it is not a big deal to me. I’m above it. I let my mind know about corvid 19 at the beginning. I knew how dangerous it was and the effects it was going to cause to me. After that I accepted the situation on the ground and I knew there was nothing I could do. I had to follow all precautions put in place by ministry of health for my safety humanity sake. It was only for some time before it become a normal situation to me. In my mind I know it is not normal having corvid 19 situation around but because the mind knows I have to move on it treats this situation as normal. I was pursuing my Diploma in Information Technology and this was my final year. I had to tell my mind that anything could happen to my education this time of corvid 19? I also made to my mind know that it was not must for me to finish collage this year. Right now, I can't even imagine the day I will resume my studies and I’m comfortable with that.

If you were employed You should have made your mind know that their ware possibilities of you losing your job and soon your family would be undergoing some financial instabilities. If you were a doctor, nurse or health medical officer you were supposed to let your mind know that times like those would be difficult times for you and your family. You were supposed to let your mind know that you could even be infected during this time. It would be easy for you to make a decision whether to sacrifice and save lives or you would go back to your family and stay safe at home. The best way to handle this situation is accepting it and all its effects. By doing this you make your mind relax and have time to process what to do next. When you are depressed or anxious you cannot make any promising decision and it is easy to lose a lot. For example, when I knew my education would be interrupted. I accepted it and made a good decision easily. I Put to hold every plan I was planning having after my school and decided to wait until anytime that would be possible, I going back to school. I know my time is wasted and there is much that I have lost but because I made my mind understand there is nothing to worry about. Today if you are still being affected by the situation corvid 19 has put us in it is your time to accept bitter truth and accept every effect around you. from this point it will be easy for you to make right decision.

Wash your hands always put on masks whenever close to other people and most important visit the nearest health center whenever experiencing any symptoms related to corvid 19. Stay Safe stay at home.
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