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A poem using a synonym for the word "descend."

High above, no more than a silhouette
against the vast and empty sky,
the peregrine keeps her vigil,
wings extended, riding the morning air,
surfing the tides of atmosphere,
the occasional feather lifting to greet the wind,
but the relentless raptor stares
with fixed and razor eye,
unblinking at the field far below.
A pigeon sees the warning shadow,
makes haste towards intended perch,
and in the heights, the falcon sees,
decides, measures, calculates,
closing speeds, trajectories,
all in an instant, an instinctive flash,
then dips a wing,
assumes the streamlined shape
and flips into the stoop,
that fearsome plunge from pinnacle
to prey, she spears downward,
all evolution fitting her for this moment,
her world reduced to one intent,
the flapping bird below
ducking and weaving in terror,
but the hurtling death adjusts,
the aim remains exact,
the claws extend and
she hits the wing,
intended target,
the pigeon rendered helpless,
one wing broken, spinning in the air,
as the peregrine turns,
catches her meal casually
and flies off to her eyrie.

In the empty field,
a grey feather flutters to the ground.

Line Count: 36
Free Verse (free as a bird)
For The Daily Poem, July 13 2020
Prompt: Look up “Descend” in Merriam-Webster and write your poem using any synonym or related word listed.

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