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A troll awakes.
The Wisdom of the Troll

Grundlebletch von Hoogenspit
rises from his bed
(no more than a tangle of vegetation
under the arch of a bridge),
slowly, unhurriedly,
as though time were a servant
rather than an unforgiving master,
as, in truth, it is for us.
He stands, stretches and scratches his side,
lost in contemplation
of another day granted
and a wealth of possibilities to choose from.
A step forward brings him to the river;
he stoops, wets his hands,
rubs his face vigorously
while uttering blubbering sounds
between his fingers.
Now refreshed and fully wakened to the day,
he turns and regards the dawning light
streaming from the rising sun,
reflecting upon the winding river
that wanders from the hills.
He speaks, voice sonorous and deep,
his words a greeting to the morn,
“Ole Grundle now awake ‘e be
and thankful for the day;
‘e’s ready now yon world to see
and eager for the play.
Let ‘appen now whate’er will be,
this troll embraces all,
his soul acceptin’ your decree,
life’s gifts both great and small.”
With that the troll steps boldly forth,
his future to discover.

Line Count: 34
Free Verse (mainly)
For The Daily Poem, July 15 2020

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