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Hare underestimated spider only to find The spider was cleverer than him.
The Spider And The Hare By Mudogo Shilenje
The spider and the hare stayed in one house. They worked together and walked together all the times. Mr hare had other friends also. One day Mr hare went together with his friend spider to visit his friend his other friend who received them well gave them food. Hare was foodiours and ate the food alone while spider starved. The spider was hurt finding out his friend was such a bad friend. Hare always overlooked the spider not knowing the spider had his capabilities that he always hid.

Later that night their friend gave them a place for resting. As soon as their friend left the hare dressed the bed and made the spider sleep on the flow. Hare was doing this because he said the friend belonged to him and not for spider. At midnight the spider was too hungry and could not stand it. He quietly woke up went out to the sheep pen killed one sheep ate until he was satisfied. He then washed his hands and mouth and was clean. He then took some blood smeared on the hare’s clothes, mouth, hands and feet while hare was sound asleep. The spider went back to sleep to the floor as it was earlier.

The next morning the friend to hare woke up earlier to prepare breakfast for the visitors. However, while he was preparing breakfast, he had flies buzzing from the direction of his sheep’s pen. He went in to the check what was happening only to find blood spilled all over the floor. He found out that one of his sheep had been killed and eaten by unknown intruder. He hurriedly went to his friend’s rest room to inform them about this incident. During all this time hare was still asleep. Since his friend the spider had slept on the floor he was already up. Their friend only stood at the door and reported the incident. He later asked for their opinion concerning what would be done to the killer if he was found. Hare was first to present his suggestion without realizing how messed up he looking. He said if the killer is found he must be held a prisoner forever. He even suggested to start investigating especially starting with spider his friend since he had woken up night to find the spider missing. His friend asked him to check his friend’s the spider since he was the one who came with him. It was a big shock when the hare woke up to check his friend the spider with blood all over his body. His friend could not believe what he saw with his eyes. He had trusted the hare with all his life.

Hare was bound and thrown in prison. Later he was given a sentence as a slave to his friend. His work from then was to look after his friend’s sheep’s. The spider was released to go and from that he became a dear friend to the friend to hare. Hare had under estimated spider for long time. He always thought the spider would not react one day. The hare had done it many times but the spider did it once and it was forever. From that time hare learned never to molest and under estimate anyone who seemed to be week.

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