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Fable's side of the story, looking at her point of view, kinda sorta!
It was a beautiful cool evening in Mississippi last night, nothing like what it had been for the past few months—stifling temperatures and humidity to boot. I wanted to spend some outdoor time with Fable and let her stretch her legs and enjoy some fresh air. Little did I know that animals had something else in mind for my evening. I was outside last night and witnessed this beautiful artwork God blessed us with. So, I ran back in, dragging Fable with me to get my camera.

God's gift to us at the end if our day.

While I'm busily taking the pictures, she's walking around the yard. My hand goes flying up because she spots a (Grey) cat. I yell for her to stop that we are going inside if she doesn't stop.

When your dog sees a cat?

My neighbor Amy Goodwin had walked outside at that moment. She tells me, "Ok, I'll go back in!"

🤦‍♀️ "Not, you, Amy, I didn't know you were outside. Fable has seen the Grey cat."

Amy comes around her fence to see all the commotion going on. Fable starts to bark at her and the cat. 😳 She knows Amy 😁 I'm trying to drag her inside because Amy tells me that Beau, another cat (I call Snowflake), is coming up behind me.

Fable sees Beau out of the corner of her eye. She's mid-air trying to go after both cats who are on both sides of my yard. Fable weighs 50 pounds ya'll. Thank God I had the harness on her. It has been a lifesaver for me. I was able to grab the handle on the back and get her inside.

You'd think that the story was over. Not, by a long shot, folks. While Amy and I talk about what just happened, Fable was going nuts inside the house. I go inside and have some pleasant surprises for me waiting to be discovered. But, first, I was met at the door by Fable with this look on her face. "Momma, there were cats outside in our yard." I had to take a picture, and she was so darn cute.

I see a cat, momma!

I came around the corner into the kitchen then into the living room, looking up from her, wiggling her short tail at me...😂 I see that the coffee table is almost empty. 😳 She had flown across my coffee table, spilling my full glass of water. My laptop was in pieces on the concrete floor, yes, pieces!

The remote was across the room under the curtain, thought I'd never find it—everything is on the floor except my china dinner plate and the fork.

Turkey Pasta

The bill's I had been working on while eating was everywhere.

I turned and said to her, "Bad Girl," those two words she hates to hear from me, and I hate saying them to her. She laid down with a sad look on her face and ears back while I cleaned up the mess.

I called Amy and told her what Fable had done inside. She couldn't believe how strong Fable was and flying through the air like that and twisting to get free.

"I know, right, and she throws me off balance every time!"

I sat down to put my laptop back together, crossing my fingers that it's ok. Amy says she hopes it's alright. It powered up, and it has worked so far, but I picked it up and put it on the counter today. It felt like it wasn't together that it popped out again. But, it appeared to be ok.

I hugged her, and lots of kisses on her forehead told her I love her, that she can't be doing things like that. She curled up in my lap and took all of it in.

I hate that she can't be outside all the time like she wants to be. The vet said she has allergies, and I give her allergy medication and limited times out. Every time we go out, I pray, and the cats are smart enough to stay out of our yard.

My psycho fur daughter and her newfound friend (Grey cat). Sorry, no pictures of the hurricane "Fable" and the destruction left in its wake ...🤣🤣🤣

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