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Story notes for Kitchen Boss

This is the companion document for "Kitchen Boss, organized to familiarize yourself with characters and locations introduced in the story. Owing to the drastic changes that await in a cutthroat world of the food industry catered to the enlarged masses, this is meant as a reference, not doctrine, as you may encounter these characters (or plan to write them) after significant changes. Gloria and her main staff are outlined in the first section, then rival bosses and other personalities, family & friends of the above and ending with a section of venue depictions. As head-hunting and rivalries are forged, withdrawn, and newly marked in the sand, some characters may start friendly only to become fierce rivals, or former enemies may join the same side. To that end, characters will be listed primarily on where they best fit during their origin.

This document experiences semi-frequent updates, check back for new developments. Message me if a character you have written needs an updated bio, or if I have missed them

Gloria & Company

Gloria Vandergast and those employed in her budding food empire, including cooking talent, administrative and miscellaneous roles.

Gloria Vandergast
"The #1 Kitchen Boss"
Age: 28
Height: 5'4"
Starting weight: 200lbs

A skilled chef and restauranteur, the ambitious Gloria may be too big for her britches in establishing a food franchise empire with an iron fist. Not for a lack of talent or business savvy, mind, but the upstart chef wants to hit it big even if that means drawing the ire of similarly cutthroat chefs. Aiming to keep the poise of a professional businesswoman, the vice-ridden Gloria competes to meet any challenge head-on to expand her brand. Overweight her entire life, Gloria takes the 'fat' label and proudly builds her image around it, despite detractors naming her food unhealthy and her properties unsavory. She knows how to corner an untapped market to fatten her bank as her clientele fattens as well.

Gloria has tan skin and midnight black hair, favoring bold colors such as maroon and pink in her business suits. Large and in charge, she has a squash shaped body and tends to gain all over.

Nicole Harker
"The Trunk-Legged Gigglebox"
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 29
Height: 4'10"
Starting weight: 250lbs

First hired on when Gloria was opening a new steakhouse, Nicole is very much her contemporary in terms of skill level, outlook and physique. However, Nicole carries more weight in a smaller package of spunk and guile, having absolutely mammoth hips and tree-trunk legs. Rapidly making her way to Gloria's right hand woman, Nicole is typically tasked to oversee operations of a particular restaurant whenever Gloria has business campaigns elsewhere. The two regularly bounce ideas off of each other, although the excitable Nicole enjoys cutting in with jokes and encouraging tomfoolery.

Nicole is a tanned, rotund 'miniscule' woman with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hips are two huge pillars of fat, the scope of her appetite and short stature making her regularly outweigh her boss.

Tuskiko Miura
"Fryup Samurai"
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Starting weight: 195lbs

A recent tryout promoted to sous-chef, the Japanese-Pacific Tsukiko stands as an imposing figure in the kitchen, being one of the tallest heads. Although plump with rounded hips, her size beguiles an efficient, almost militant dexterity in the kitchen with smooth footwork and utensil use. Her surprising mobility and quick reflexes make her useful next to more corpulent chefs, along with her signature specialty in cooking delicious fried foods. Having spent over ten summers working her uncle's takoyaki truck when she was a teen, Tsukiko is stoic, disciplined and loyal much as her epitaph would suggest, although she can be a tad overzealous... In some story branches she's part of the 'Main Five,' a kitchen crew of applicants including Erika, Emma, Sasha and Garnet.

Tsukiko is moon faced and well padded on her taller frame, with long black hair dyed blue in the front. She rocks a punk look when out of uniform, favoring work boots and dark, neutral tones. She has the propensity to grow more pear shaped.

"Trilling Office Bunny"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Starting weight: 165lbs

A fresh-faced business school graduate hired on to be Gloria's executive assistant, Danni is an observant, dedicated and punctual employee with a good head for numbers and schedules. It's often her job to file the paperwork, setup the meetings and navigate the bureaucratic channels to help transpose Gloria's ambitions into reality. She keeps her boss up to date with the state of her businesses. Although top of her class, Danni was initially in over her head for how hectic Gloria conducts her enterprises and her legendary tantrums, having a slight panic whenever a crisis first arrises lending to her warbling, shrill manner of announcing bad news. Add to that she's the pin-up poster definition of a buxom office secretary with an eye-catching chest, although lacking the self-confidence to live up to her sex appeal, as she's quite timid socially.

Danni is blonde, often with her hair tied back in a bun held together with pens, with ruby glasses and tight office shirts and skirts. It's impossible to work for Gloria without picking up some extra pounds, as her bum is starting to catch up with her chest.

"Spitfire Meat Griller"
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 30
Height: 5'7"
Starting weight: 138lbs

A recent applicant in Gloria's enterprises, Erika has worked at various restaurants where she has perfected a talent for cooking meat. From steaks, ribs to chops, Erika knows we way around various techniques and game, with a private desire to grill or barbecue any type of animal at least once. With a highland accent and fiery disposition matching her vivid red hair, Erika has a stubbornness and drive to prove herself in the kitchen as a rising star. She's also fond of a good drink. In some story branches she's part of the 'Main Five,' a kitchen crew of applicants including Tsukiko, Emma, Sasha and Garnet.

Erika has plain, almost tomboyish features with shoulder length auburn-red hair and green eyes. She starts as a skinny chef with the potential to grow curvy if she would gain weight.

Emma Bergsen
"The Artisanal Brute"
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 32
Height: 6'5"
Starting weight: 265lbs

A recent applicant in Gloria's enterprises, Emma arguably has the weakest cooking talent of her elite chefs but is an artist at plate presentation. The way she enhances the experience of fine dining with plating makes her a supportive cornerstone in the kitchen besides her great strength. Tall and beefy before her belly and breasts grew fat, Emma is a tough powerhouse for tasks needing heavy lifting given her strong, nordic stock with rumored viking heritage. She definitely has the resilience and imposing figure, although her delight in intricate, delicate design showcases her deep interests in art contrary to first impressions with her brute efforts. In some story branches she's part of the 'Main Five,' a kitchen crew of applicants including Erika, Tuskiko, Sasha and Garnet.

Emma is a blonde, scandinavian troll of a woman with feminine features and dirty blonde hair. Her height is filled out by her top heavy build with her bloated breasts and great gut.

"Perennial Understudy"
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 26
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 122lbs

A recent applicant in Gloria's enterprises, Sasha a skinny chef able to out compete the other robust cooks Gloria usually fosters thanks to her partnership with Garnet. Serving as the mobile hands and feet to the obese culinary genius, Sasha is soft spoken and results focused, concerned with pleasing others. However, relying on others' expertise to instruct her and her co-dependent tendencies cause her to flounder on her own even with years of tutelage and training. Failed ballet training when she was a child might explain these confidence issues, as she remains a perennial understudy seemingly unable to catalyze her true potential unaided. In some story branches she's part of the 'Main Five,' a kitchen crew of applicants including Erika, Tuskiko, Emma and Garnet.

Sasha is a willowy, dark-haired chef with eastern-slavic looks and accent. She doesn't appear to gain weight all that much but might grow more doughy working at Gloria's restaurant.

"Encyclopedia of Taste"
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 365lbs

A recent applicant in Gloria's enterprises, the African-American Garnet has an even more refined palette than Gloria's able to notice subtle differences in taste. Add to that an amazing memory for recipe combinations and a love of food and her culinary genius would rival that of her boss. However, it's that love of food and an underlying medical condition that has caused her to blimp into an obese blob unable to cook as effectively compared to when she was thinner. Relying on her partnership with Sasha to serve as her mobility in the kitchen, Garnet uses her extraordinary sensory input to guide the crafting of fantastic tasting dishes. How to effectively capitalize on that talent at her growing size remains a challenge. In some story branches she's part of the 'Main Five,' a kitchen crew of applicants including Erika, Tsukiko, Emma and Sasha.

Garnet is black with frizzy hair and rounded, puffy features. Hers is an almost elephantine obesity with mammoth belly, tremendous backside and drooping breasts, starting to require three chairs to support her enormity.

Sandra Hwyler
"Weighty Wench Wrench"
Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Starting weight: 161 lbs

A young mechanic specializing in kitchen appliances and automobiles on Gloria's pay docket. Sandra is often called from her family's small towing and auto shop when Gloria needs some type of machine repaired. She is a diligent worker with a somewhat meek personality interested in making eco-friendly technologies more common place. She's put up with Gloria's antics for this long in hopes of having the Kitchen Boss sponsor her Alternative Fuel Racing League (AFRL) ambitions; her race car running on biodiesel. As Sandra spent her childhood and teenage years overweight, she's not used to the attraction her ultra-curvy body gathers after a sudden slim down as a young adult. Working near Gloria's caloric food, which is often used to subsidize regular payment, is causing her to struggle with her weight again.

Sandra has light brown hair in a bob cut with overdeveloped breasts and hips. Used to getting her hands dirty, Sandra doesn't often clean up out of worker overalls but after her slim down she could look like quite the stunner. She has the predisposition to be quite large if she doesn't mind her weight.

Chalchi Kayode
"Mad Artist Gastronomist"
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Starting weight: 149 lbs

Calchi, full name Chalchiuhtlicue Kayode, is an Afro-Brazillian house painter, salvage operator, artist and part-time inventor. So how is she associated with Gloria Vandergast? After hiring Chalchi's services as the lowest bidder for a paint job, Gloria discovered that Chalchi was also into molecular gastronomy and food innovations. Being a borderline insane inventor in the arts and sciences with her overloaded personality, Chalchi receives patronage from Gloria to showcase cutting edge taste and sensory experiences at her restaurants. As Chalchi apparently has boundless zeal and creativity, some of her inventions are quite out there. Her over-complication of otherwise simple tasks, lack of restraint, and possible color-blindness can cause her new ideas to create disasters. That's "Offbeat Painting & Salvage" for you.

Chalchi is a solidly built woman on the taller side with vitiligo; although dark skinned, some areas across her body result in white splotches from a lack of pigment. She also dyes her hair various colors, including full on body painting over various holidays. She's usually dressed in one of her paint splattered jumpsuits. Her metabolism is usually high enough to burn off excess calories but she's open to experimentation.

Cheryl Allen
"Odd Fixes Intern"
Original Author: hoodiesd
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Starting weight: 136 lbs

A recent graduate from Trussel State University, Cheryl was looking to find her niche in business to support her shy, introverted ideas of comfort. Being a paid intern to supplement Gloria's administrative staff, Cheryl thought the eccentric boss was fun. At first. Much to her chagrin, Cheryl is tasked in all sorts of miscellany jobs from the expected answering emails and grabbing coffee, to the problematic such as tracking dine-ditchers and handling Gloria's personal matters. To even more embarrassing schemes. At least she gets paid! Although she often finds herself in overwhelming situations from Gloria's antics.

Cheryl is a lanky, geeky looking girl with thick black glasses who dyes her hair green. She favors comfortable, casual clothes with a few alt culture nods. Although rather skinny, she does carry her only fat in a pert, rounded butt. Given one of her dreams is to just work remotely sitting on her ass all day, it might not fit within her skinny jeans for long.

Kitchen Bosses & Peons

Rival bosses to Gloria Vandergast and the underlings that make up their organizations.

Gina Bianchi
"Fresh-Faced Italian Belle"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 25
Height: 5'4"
Starting weight: 128 lbs

Gina Bianchi is the heiress of the well known Bianchi family continuing the clan's culinary legacy. Having recently taken over the reigns of the enterprises after her parents' retirement (Marlon & Sofia Bianchi), the sexy, popular diva of the dining scene mixes her family's mastery of Italian cuisine with Latin, Mexican and Americana infusions as she looks to broaden appeal of the brand. Family is important to her as her wheeling & dealing seeks to foster community connections. However, there's rumors that the old Italian family have 'other business' besides restaurants that may or may not mean mafia ties...regardless, Gina has plenty of connections to draw from and youthful ambition to stick it to her competitors.

Gina is a sexy, svelte olive-skinned bombshell with long black hair and a notable set of hips. While a skinny chef for now, the Bianchi women have a 'curse' of genetics where their hips eventually grow to titanic proportions as their metabolism fails. Such a fate already present with her mother Sofia and older sister Izabella.

Guadalupe Huerta
"Rizada Talent"
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Starting weight: 156 lbs

Granddaughter of Oscar & Aljendra Huerta and older sister of Gabriel, Guadalupe did not not envision herself a cook. What with constantly changing college majors and upsets in the family causing her to stress out, Lupe did not know where she was destined in life until finally being convinced to help restore the family restaurant, Casa Su Vecindario given the recent success of Gina Bianchi. Who also become the family's co-partner, mentor, and surrogate cousin to Lupe. She's doing better with her cooking efforts compared to when she began...which isn't saying much as she was prone to burning food. She shows promise, if a little klutzy and feeling hampered as the responsible one to her previously free-wheeling brother.

Guadalupe has curly, dark brown hair and a top heavy figure. Pudgy with a noticeable set of breasts. She was hoping to slim down to catch a date but landing into kitchen work isn't likely to help that endeavor.

Gabriel Huerta
"Retozon Gambler"
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Starting weight: 139 lbs

A frisky, rakish younger brother to Guadalupe and grandson of the Huertas, Gabriel would skip out of vocational school from a lack of patience. Keeping to odd jobs to support himself was mainly an excuse to fuel his gambling addiction at the track and other money making schemes. But now that his grandparents' restaurant was in dire straits he's promising to turn over a new leaf to help take over management with his sister. Did the fact he scored tickets to the Bianchi celebration of passing on the torch to Gina Bianchi have something to do with it? Maybe. And the fact that the sexy Italian bombshell, herself a fan of Latin and Mexican cuisine is their sponsor making him hope something more might come of it...?

Gabriel is slight framed, lanky and usually keeps his head shaved. He's got bravado in spades.

Lacey Truman
"Sugar Coated British Bitch"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Significant Contributor: Adipose Rex
Age: 31
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 183lbs (13.1 stone)

A British ex-pat baker with a growing bakery franchise, Lacey has increased her business by appealing to body positivity, as her fluffy hourglass body has grown large taste-testing her pastries. The sweet-toothed Lacey presents a friendly, demure, trustworthy and sexy persona to the public and legion of fans with her exquisitely perfect baked goods. Her rival kitchen bosses, however, know her sugar-exterior is a front to a nasty, bitchy creme filling with an insult ready for anyone, willing to work her apprentice bakers to the bone in her schemes. Refining her original low-class accent from years training with the best European bakers, Lacey's British stoicism hides her absolute disdain for most American trends.

Lacey is a long haired brunette who dresses in Lindy Bop, throwback vintage dresses. She carries her weight extremely well in an ultra-curvy hourglass body type with godiva hips, large breasts and a growing potbelly, her propensity to increase in size an inevitability in her business.

"Culinary Espionage Patsy"
Original Author: Adipose Rex
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 170~208lbs (varies)

A sweet yet flirty girl-next-door type, Henrietta is an apprentice of Lacey Truman's graduated to her 'Infernal Affairs' schemes to undermine her rival Bosses. Cute and chubby, Henrietta rides high on her boss's body positivity spin and is sent undercover to infiltrate rival kitchens to learn the secrets of the business, even though her heart may not always be in it. Of course, she can't help herself with food being readily available and often returns from an assignment pounds heavier than when she went in.

Henrietta is an auburn haired woman with a pixie haircut and cherubic features, thick figured and portly depending on which end of a mission she finds herself.

"Hardy Test Baker"
Original Author: Adipose Rex
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Starting weight: 159lbs

Lacey Truman's test baker at her main location and another of her apprentices in her 'Infernal Affairs' department for scheming. Alicia knows her boss demands perfected reproduction and iteration of her recipes and is unfortunately used to Lacey's two-faced behavior. Rather quiet and stoic, Alicia is diligent about carrying out orders and improving recipes.

Alicia has a stocky, strong build with very plain features, not a conventional beauty, with tied back sandy hair. Although not as plump as others in the expat British baker's employ, Alicia shows signs of gaining weight around her face and arms, suggesting she'll gain first in her upper half and outer extremities.

Grant McCray
"Customer Oriented Enabler"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Starting weight: 209 lbs

Grant is the owner of a few diners with sensible, tried and true greasy spoon Americana standbys. Keeping things old-fashioned and traditional, the quiet, kindly Grant doesn't strike the immediate bombastic and conniving image of the big name Kitchen Bosses bandying about. Really, his heart is in the people as he likes consistency in repeat customers. And tellingly for those in the food industry, Grant's eye is really on the customers getting fat off his food. Yet this small time diner chef was spurned from a perceived slight and bad breakup from his lover of eight months, the free-spirited gainer Abi, to enter the big leagues and upset his rivals. Many of them had been luring away his regulars with newer, exotic and better food. He's about to show them what he's really capable of, or be waylaid by his feeder tendencies.

Grant certainly strikes the image of a 'dad' with his robust physique starting to go soft and his retro sensibilities. Although he's not really that old, as a clean shaven, blonde haired hunk with simple charms.

Rebecca Milner
"Spunky Mischief Maker"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 23
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 179 lbs

Rebecca, or "Becs" was a regular of Grant McCray's since her freshmen year as a voracious college student, Rebecca's been trying to make ends meet between odd jobs yet remains frisky and optimistic. Her guile helps prod Grant towards bigger endeavors. It was originally her idea to spy on Gloria Vandergast, after several nights of hearing Grant rant about a downturn in customers lost to other food franchises. And two months after Grant and Abi parted ways, she kicked up her spy game with the intel Grant can use to turn the tables. Although, having a free pass at Grant's diner and her time at Gloria's company has led to her own tremendous weight gain.

Going from just chubby to fat, Becs is a brunette sporting a ballooning potbelly between her fatty thighs and modestly small chest, still squeezing into her jackets and skirts. For now.

Olive Cresswail
"Queen of Condiments, Boss of Sauce, Culinary Terrorist"
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Starting weight: 171 lbs

A once hopeful student in a good science degree, Olive had her life turn for the worst after she accidentally caused the death of her lab partner. Then it was tough times on the streets as the purveyor of QUEEN Franks, a gourmet hot dog cart. Her reputation further soured during customer wars with other vendors leading up to the destruction of her cart from a drunk driver that scalded her face. Since then, Olive has made a name for herself in the criminal element with her culinary based brand of terrorism; arson to larceny, vandalism to espionage, and even a few contract hits. Her specialty is preying upon her victim’s food allergies and her condiment based sabotages.

Olive has dishwater dirty blonde/brown hair and scarring on the left side of her face from third degree burns. Once an unconventional beauty, Olive has kept a thin face and gangly limbs, although increased poundage has settled in her stomach and backside. Post crime binges are mainly to blame. Although shrewd and calculating, her appetite might prove to make her crimes more challenging to pull off.

Natalie Greenway
"Clubbing Diva Manipulator"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Starting weight: 169lbs

Exploding onto the nightlife scene, Natalie or 'Nat' shocked the city's enterprising Kitchen Bosses by opening the hottest trending club with some of her college associates, such as her DJ and head bouncer. A social media wiz with her finger held to the pulse of the latest partying trends, Nat backs up the raucous atmosphere of her club, ("placeholder") with a killer menu of appetizers owing to her inventive, culinary genius. A big girl who knows how to drop her weight on the dance floor, the pierced and tattooed Nat is quite manipulative in catering to her "managers favorites" who get fat off her menu, especially when this enabling lesbian is looking for love.

Nat has heavily styled short dark hair, tanned skin, with a nose ring and tattoos emblazoned along her shoulders and thighs. Hers is a thick, plump figure with exaggerated curves, as she tends to gain all over as a voluptuous sex despot.

Nat also appears in "The Fathouse Five; in this continuity the focus is placed on her enterprises and rivalry with Gloria Vandergast and other Kitchen Bosses. You can check out her bio for the other interactive here: "Fathouse Five Story Notes

Jafit Gamor
"Ultra Sexy International Hotshot"
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Starting weight: 189 lbs

An intercontinental restauranteur making waves in Spain, Israel, and Morocco as she seeks to found her first American restaurant somewhere outside of Trussel. Jafit is a top heavy hourglass oozing in sex appeal. The Israeli-Spaniard's cooking talent with a swath of cultural cuisines across the Mediterranean would be acclaim enough, yet her ginormous jugs add to her natural charisma. Large breasted since her teenage years, Jafit had some difficulty as a foreign exchange student getting past the smutty preconceptions most people have of her upon first meeting. Nowadays she's quite confident in her body and flirtatious and way better with her English. She's also quite generous to friends and employees alike. Jafit also speaks Spanish, Hebrew and Greek. Don't underestimate her as just a bombshell diva because she can be quite the fierce competitor. She has an odd friendship with the girl she bunked with in her exchange student years, Paul Spillum.

Jafit has olive-honey skin, long chestnut brown hair and dangerously overfed curves. She appreciates her food and most fat is soaked up into the padding of her weighty chest and growing backside. She's not thin by any standard as a plus sized beauty, although her proportionally narrow waist might finally give out if she does get truly fat.

Jafit also appears as a culinary exchange student in "Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls and later returns as a language/culinary teacher in "Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls II; the Kitchen Boss continuity sees her reach international acclaim as celebrity chef, for her generous talent and generous figure, leading to rivalry with Gloria and other bosses. You can check out her bio for the other interactive(s) here: "Buttercombe Academy Orientation Handbook

Pauline Spillum
"Post-Punk Bloater Mixologist"
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 106 lbs (empty)

Growing up in the shadow of her older, musical prodigy sister Rebecca whose education meant the family rarely stayed in one place for long, Pauline had major teenage emo phase. Calling herself Paul, getting lip piercings, fending off everybody with a sullen, spikey exterior in a her-vs-the-world mentality, and developing a bloating fetish. Winding up the roommate of exchange student Jafit Gamor gave her a bit more perspective. After school she skirted between odd jobs as a founding member of the forgettable hybrid grunge band, 'Mercury Soda' and gained and lost a beer gut, before distancing herself from the toxic influences and even speaking to her sister Rebecca again. Paul has mellowed out considerably since then, although hasn't lost her hard punkish edge and streetwise smarts. Trying to turn her life around, Paul / Pauley (as she doesn't fancy her full name) is working to become a bartender. Finally putting that underage drinking and beverage proficiency to good use. With an observant mind like a steel trap, she's often the one in the background finding harsh retaliations to Jafit's problems in a cutthroat American industry before the touring chef even knows about them. Privately, she has a guilty pleasure for cute, frilly things that appears incongruent to her presented image.

Paul is short and boyish, with hardly any feminine features minus her face, hair and dress. She had grey eyes and dark-brown-almost-black hair, with a set of shark bite piercings on her lower lip. Still favoring grunge fashion, band shirts and dark colors. There's little fat to her frame with no curves to speak of, yet years of expanding and abusing her belly for her bloating kink has made it very stretchy. On the high end of a bloat binge, she almost looks like a human water balloon given the size of the protruding potbelly.

Paul also appears as a transfer student alongside her sister Rebecca as a new music teacher in "Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls; the Kitchen Boss continuity sees her keep a persistent connection with Jafit Gamor and mature slightly into a diligent, yet still furtive and moody, mixologist who’s kept up her bloating habit to unconventional new heights. You can check out her bio for the other interactive here: "Buttercombe Academy Orientation Handbook

Family & Relatives

Family to the above tiers of competitive characters, particularly if they aren't immediately associated with the operations of the business or fostering cooking talent.

Estelle Vandergast
"Web Mistress
Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 29
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 114lbs

Gloria's older sister by a year, although not the physical big sister (sans height) given she's the thin to Gloria's fat. Estelle is a successful web page designer and short of the times Gloria has begged favors to improve her business websites, she is uninvolved with Gloria's ambitions and finds some of her antics embarrassing. Still, she recognizes that Gloria is an excellent cook and the two remain close, finding time to enjoy time off from their respective careers together. However they do have their off-again moments, as Estelle is something of a health nut and hates when her sister goes overboard on a project, to whit Gloria naturally fires back. The dichotomy of this sisterly bonding and sibling strife might explain her recent chubby chaser tendencies...

Estelle has taller, more angular features than Gloria but the two look very much alike minus the difference of weights. She's also heavily tanned and has midnight black hair she often curls, with her fashion style more modern and feminine to her 'little' sister.

Izabella Bianchi-Molina
"Doubled-Down Bianchi Babe"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 295lbs

The older sister to Gina by three years, Izabella may not have inherited the cooking talent but she has fully given into the weighty inevitable fate of the Bianchi women with her massive appetite. Doted on by her younger sister's cooking and her fat admirer husband, Benito Molina, Iz/Izzie has absolutely skyrocketed in weight by her third year of marriage being on the cusp of the big 300. Currently, she enjoys being married to an excellent guy, as Benito is a construction worker by trade who loves coming home to a plush wife after a day's hard labor with hard materials. The sisters remain very close as Izabella supports Gina's leadership of the family restaurants and the two are quite candid about their respective love lives and other gossip.

Sharing similar familia traits with Gina, Izabella has a surprisingly thin face with matching arched features but that gives way to her large belly and absolutely ginormous backside, hips and thighs given the Bianchi phenotype for fatty buttocks.

Other Personalities

Customers, bit parts, background characters and those neutral or outside of the cutthroat world of kitchen dominance.

"The Lady In Blue & Leather"
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: ???

One year ago, Abi was a free-spirited, flirtatious new customer to Grant McCray's diner. A rubenesque woman with a penchant for leather skirts and blue blouses, same as the blue streaks in her hair, she was a dream feedee. Grant was instantly smitten, and she stopped by for three meals that day sealed with a kiss. Over 10 months of romance with her determination and Grant as her feeder, Abi put on an astonishing 81 pounds. Although admitting to him that she had been exploring the other great eateries of the city brought Grant to coldly put up walls out of jealousy that his cooking talent was not as good as other chefs, that Abi had grown bored with his food. Even trying to step back as friends didn't work, as they lost touch.

While Grant has set his sights on taking out his competition in the food scene in the hopes of winning back his lost love, how Abi will reappear in the story remains to be seen.

Abi is blonde, with the front locks of her hair dyed blue. Hers was already a thick figure with shapely curves before she piled on the pounds to bulging fat.

Original Author: Keroro04
Age: ??
Height: 5'0"
Starting weight: 245lbs

A close friend of Gloria's sister, Estelle, who is obsessed with Gloria's food and eager to meet the business tycoon.

Ophelia is a pale, obese short woman that carries her weight up front with flabby breasts and a huge stomach, her skin often flushed red from her labored movements.

Marianne Malanor
First Mention by: WTLamp
Significant Contributor: Keroro04
Age: deceased
Incorporeal form: massive

The wife of minor railroad tycoon Maximilian Malanor who lived in the 1800s. Records are scarce as to how she and her husband lived but local rumors persist that a tragic, horrific fate befell them soon after the construction of their estate outside of modern day Trussel, Malanor Manor (outlined in Venues). Reportedly, Marianne left no descendants and had always possessed an inhumanly large appetite throughout her life which Maximilian found attractive. Perchance this contributed to the design for their lavish, four-story mansion outfitted with labor saving technology of the era. Before their disappearance and death, conflicting accounts peg her final weight anywhere from around 500 pounds to nearly a thousand. Marianne and her husband are chiefly referenced in the mysterious backstory of their strange, dilapidated manor as it exists in the present day...

...although in some storylines, she's able to manifest as a large, translucent green ghost in a ritzy, jewel encrusted silver dress apparently too fat to float. The circumstances of her return as a spirit suggest some manner of occult involvement, if such paraphernalia is found hidden at the manor. Depending on where she is encountered in the interactive, it could coincide with a hunger curse new owners of the Manor may trigger where their appetites become as insatiable as her's was/continues to be in unlife...

Wyatt Carter
"Program Developer"
Age: Late 20s
Height: 5'7"
Starting weight: 190s

A down on his luck, fat admirer programmer and writer of WG lit and interactive games. His most ambitious title to date being fatty tycoon simulator Kitchen Boss if he could work thru the bugs...

If Wyatt is a character, the narrative has taken a significant shift to compare his observations from the real world with the 'game world' of the Kitchen Boss setting. While he would naturally have a lot of control over the elements of the game design, the unscripted elements can still surprise him.


Hot properties, fantastic restaurants and scenic vistas.

Henhouse Kitchen
One of Gloria's first franchise chains, serving American breakfast staples 24/7 in four locations and counting. Best known for tall pancake stacks and signature omelettes. Also home to the "Eggperor's Challenge," a feast for five with an obscene amount of food: 5 slices of french toast, 5 stacks of 8 flapjacks each, 10 fried eggs, 30 strips of bacon, and a 3.5 pound sausage & cheesy potato skillet.

Casa Su Vecindario
A mom and pop Mexican restaurant hit by hard times. Big name commercial businesses and a new mall pulled away potential customers. The elderly couple who owned the restaurant, Oscar & Alejendra Huerta, were forced to sell. Under Gloria's plans for the property, the generational family restaurant would be flipped into a trendy, experimental TEX-mex restaurant. However, the restaurant was preserved when the community minded Gina Bianchi swept in as a new co-partner, inspiring the Huerta's grandkids to take on the business.

Manalor Manor
An abandoned estate outside Trussel, the lavish mansion has been ravaged by time since it was originally built in the 1800s. Originally erected to house Maximillian, a bit-name industrialist tycoon earning his fortune in the railroad boom, and his wife Marianne (bio in Other Personalities) a few years after their marriage. However, some time after their housewarming party the couple disappeared. Childless with no next of kin, rumors of foul play, intrigue and occult horrors persist to this day. Many insist Manalor Manor is haunted, whether that's true remains to be seen. If not outright cursed in the supernatural sense, it's been the site of a long string of failed businesses and changing owners, be it misfortune or outright malevolence. Up until the present day, with a hotshot Kitchen Boss wanting to open a new restaurant in the venue. Still, the Manor holds many puzzling secrets, particularly with archaic 1800's wiring and mechanical home systems.

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