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by dangal
Rated: ASR · Fiction · Contest · #2233465
An Orc finds a Golden skull
Tabar found the golden skull in a cave. It seemed tiny in his big paw. The Humans who protected the cave were only a little nuisance. They fell like twigs to his great axe.

The last Human Tabar slayed surprised him. It lay there gurgling and spoke Orcish to him. “The Golden Skull will bring you misery.”

Tabar hated Caragin. The city that stood on the border between Orc and Human lands. Orc’s like him were welcomed by the Talin merchants who ran the city. He entered through the Orc side and went straight to the merchant’s street.

A big Orc sat behind the stall, smoking a pipe. “How much is it worth?”

“You tell me.” Replied Tabar. “And don’t try your tricks. This skull was earned in blood.”

“I see.” Said the merchant, looking at the bloodied axe. “Well then. 30 gold pieces should do it.”


“Not even one more than thirty.” Said the old merchant.

“Alright.” Said Tabar and placed the skull on the table. Something funny happened because when he opened and lifted his hand the skull remained attached to it. He passed the skull to the other hand and placed it on the table. Again it remained stuck to his hand. He tried shaking it off forcefully and pulled a lot of attention from bystanders.

“Are you a magician?” Laughed the merchant.

It took him a while but he found the Curse Remover on the filthy Human side of Caragin.

“I can remove it.” Said the young lady dressed in rags. “But It demands you shed a tear for those Humans you killed.”

From that day on Tabar was known as “Kadaf Salit” in Orcish or “Golden Skull” in the common tounge. He was eventually buried with the skull attached to his hand.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2233465-Golden-Skull