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by dangal
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Gilead makes a slingshot to impresshis crush
Gilead found the perfect forked branch for a slingshot. Now Samantha would see how he was the best shot and would fall in love with him.

He imagined himself firing at cans and beating Gruff and his group of thugs. Then Samantha with her long hazelnut hair would give him the kiss.

He ran to the factory and found a strong rubber band for his fork. The smell of burnt plastic burnt his nostrils and he had to shut his nose.

There were all the cool kids, coming out of a hole in the fence.

Gilead tucked his slingshot behind his back.

Gruff came out. "Look! It's Red Butt." They all laughed.

Gilead remembered how Gruff had pulled his pants down in class and smacked him on the butt. What hurt him most was Samantha's smile, she seemed to be feeling sorry for him.

Samantha came out of the fence hole last.

Gilead felt his heart jolt at the sight of her.

In moments he was surrounded. Gruff took his school bag off his back, while the Falco brothers held his arms.

Then Gruff took out book by book and threw them over the fence, into the factory.

Gilead saw those books his parents had bought with the last of their money so that he might get an education and not 'End up like us', according to father.

He grabbed the slingshot from behind his back and placed a smooth rock in the rubber band.

"Stop it!" He yelled so strong they all looked at him.

"You don't have the gut…" Gruff stopped mid sentence, as the well aimed rock slammed him on his forehead. He fell down like a stone and the other kids ran.

Samantha gave him the kiss on the cheek and they ran away together.
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