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A poem of love lost, regret and not knowing what you have until it's gone.
Without the warmth of a woman's love
A man's soul grows cold
He aches and ponders past times and regrets
When he held a heart of beauty unbound
Then destroyed that which he did not know he had

Until winter's nights remind him of her touch
As he eats alone in quiet reflection
Remembering when laughter filled the air
And her voice calling out his name
Replaced now by silence

Ghosts would come in the dead of night
Memories of good times past
But, they too have now forsaken him
The sentence given which bears justice will stand
And lessons hard-learned shall remain

He screams into night's darkest void...
“God have mercy on my wretched soul!”
But these prayers go unanswered
Whilst dreams of holding such beauty again
Carry him without promise

Redemption's lost soul searches for a smile
His hopes and dreams to be someone...
Who someone cares about
End with the light at the end of each day
Only to begin again when morning's light shines
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