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The Opening scene from my newest mystery series The Checkmate Club: Shots and Ladders
The tickle of her cat’s whiskers told her it was time to wake up long before a male voice said, “Well it’s nine am and you’re the only one here with opposable thumbs so either get up and make breakfast or I’ll make a meal out of those two vermin you keep as pets.”
Yori rolled over groaning, “Oh come on Gambit. You know it was a long night. Three different campaigns and one that almost ended in a fistfight between a bard and The DM. Just five more minutes.”
“Whose fault is it that I’ve spent the last two thousand years as a cat?” Gambit countered.
“Who was it that wished to be worshiped for eternity?” She asked without opening her eyes.
“When I made that wish I didn’t think you’d turn me into a furball.”
“That’s funny coming from your current form, or did you forget you picked a sphynx cat?”
“By the name, I thought it’d give me a chance to see my old face again. Not to become some hairless freak that has to wear little sweaters to stay warm.”
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