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The picture prompt is a mystery to me. Orange and black and grey I see. Squiggles and shapes reveal little to me, so this prompt doesn’t much help me. I wrote for help yesterday or so, but got no answer so I must go, write what I can about this prompt and try to explain the challenges dropped. Upon my head, they don’t penetrate, so I’m at a loss, this isn’t great. Words would go a long way for sure to help me write about this prompt and not be flung to the door. It’s nobody’s fault I understand, but You should know so you can do what you can. I hope to find words for a prompt the next time I visit short shots and have a writing romp.


Spooky it was the night I went through the forest when there was a Halloween scene in the sky. Colorful it was but yet bleak and eerie causing me to reconsider my decision to travel so far to visit my friend. Friendship can be very strong, even stronger than the forbidding fear that electrifies the muscles and nervous system.

Listening intently searching for the direction of the screeching and wailing sounds I did not detect the source and remained steadfast trudging toward my friend's dwelling. Leaves spoke to me as the wind danced between the tree limbs and the moon played peek-a-boo yet I didn’t understand their message. My best guess is that it’s all normal for this holiday night.

Slowly coming into view my friend's place rose over the hill as I strode closer. The sounds became more distinct and I knew their origin. Probably it was a recording for effect and amusement. My friend liked playing practical jokes, entertaining and throwing wonderful parties and enjoyed people.

I was about to turn the nob when a gust of wind threw open the front door and shoved me inside. That’s nature for ya, was my initial thought. It's almost too real was my second. Shouting to make my presence known I waited. No word from my friend came, but I was thrust backward flying head over heels into the front yard. Fear and dread overcame me. My heart jumped and beat rapidly. I scrambled to my feet and started running through the woods again toward my home.

Losing the path I wondered about disoriented and gasping for air. Glancing to and fro I saw flames and heard voices. Changing direction and with the hope of finding the path I made my way toward the campsite. Shocked by the scene as I turned I was caught by a masked individual dressed in a black robe with a red hood.

The ceremony around the fire made my skin crawl and my nerves tingle in a horrible way. My stomach twisted into a know, and I was frightened and terrified which is the best way I can think to explain my experience. The voice I heard was familiar, I had found my friend. Surely my friend would help me find the path again.

With a grip of the strength of steel, my friend detained me. Closer and closer we approached the center of the fire ring. There in the middle, a huge square stone waited. It was stained and upon it were strategically placed restraints. Panic and adrenalin raced around my body as I began to struggle.

Managing to break free I dashed off in the direction of where I knew not, yet I continued to race toward what I hoped was my freedom and my home. Running and stumbling, branches beat me, the wind slapped me, and the coolness wrapped me around itself. rocks and fallen branches tripped me and the last thing I remember seeing was the black, orange, and grayness of the sky. Shapes and nighttime obstacles, and spirits and spooks of Halloween.

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PROMPT: picture?

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