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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2236701
Drawn to a welcome by a campfire.
Hunter’s Stew

There was this one time when I was out on my own in the wilderness, miles from anywhere, when I smelt these wonderful odours of campfire cooking. It was cold and there was snow on the ground so, when this smell came on the breeze, sharp and enticing, I had to follow it.

When I came to the camp, there was just one guy there, sitting at his stove and stirring a stew with a stick. I stayed hidden while I watched him for a while. You can’t be too careful out there in the backwoods. He didn’t seem too harmful, however, so I crept a little closer and allowed myself to be seen.

It was a while before he noticed me as he was taking the pot off the fire but, when he looked up, he took a plate and ladled out some stew on to it, then placed it near me while he went back to the fire. He proceeded to take some stew for himself and began eating.

It seemed he was not going to make a fuss, so I moved to the plate and ate what was on it. That was good stuff, I can tell you. While I ate I watched him and I realised that he must have thought I was a dog. Those huskies they use look and smell just like us, you know. And I don’t have to tell you that gave me a tremendous advantage.

After licking the plate, I went right up to him and he greeted me by riffling my neck fur. He made noises at the same time. I saw my chance and dealt with him in the usual manner.

Those humans are weird creatures, I tell you. Their hide is so loose that it peels right off if you give it a good tug. Bit tough down at the leg parts but they’re hardly worth it anyway. Good eating on a human and no damn fur to get in your mouth and clog up your teeth. It’s as though they were made to satisfy a hungry wolf.

Watch out for the ones carrying a straight stick, though. Those buggers can bite you from a long way off. That’s how old Fang got his last year. Safe enough if you’re careful about which one to choose, however. We should go out together some time and see if we can catch one napping at all. Could be a lot of fun.

Word Count: 413
For SCREAMS!!! November 01 2020.
Prompt: A wolf.

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