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Tonight's Blue Moon and Halloween is rare. To Him, time is important. Contest Short Shots.
His name had been purged from the records of all the known historical journals. It was thought that he belonged to forces that dwelled in the center of evil and horror. He waited until the time arrived to add members to his assembly. And when the time was right, he would unleash his followers, to terrorize those who sought to resist.
Around Him, were those who begged to assist and be granted full form. As of this time, they only had non-corporeal form. Their small pseudo heads floated inside a vault that had a ring of fire that would send their essence into oblivion if they dared to decry Him.
He informed them that tonight would be a perfect night for success and triumph. It was a night of a full Blue moon and Halloween. At this perfect juncture of moon and astronomic occasion, his power would be magnified tenfold. All he would need would be perfect females or males who would be his and his domain, forever.
“I lost the last chance in the humans’ world due to the fact that there was a war in 1944. My choice was unfortunately killed in the war in a strange place. My henchman arrived just as he released his last breath. There was nothing that he could do. My henchman had to be destroyed.” He informed his henchmen.
He went to the ring of fire and looked through it to decide who would go to do his bidding. He would need four to go. The eye sockets in their skulls were unreadable. But he chose four who raced through the ring before it closed.
They flew around until He whispered something and then they fell to the ground in a human form. They laid there until He commanded them to arise. They spoke no words. They only breathed until he commanded them to be clothed. They stood still until they heard the words, “You have until the sun rises on the following day. If you fail, you will be turned to cosmic dust.” He looked at each one in their eyes. “If you succeed, you will live forever.”
He drew in a huge breath. “NOW GO!”
The four instantly vanished and He became the ugly mass of energy that he lived in.
Friday was a day in which Bella, Cassi, Danica and Cybele were finishing their school work to hand in. They were all impatient because they had a lot to do for the Halloween celebration.
Since the Covid outbreak had occurred, their parents restricted their gatherings. The few days at school were priceless. No one could imagine the tension of not being able to sit next to a friend at lunch or just walking in the halls to the next class together. It was bad enough to have to wear those ugly masks but when their friend Carlos, had to stay at home because his whole family was quarantined for 14 days, all happiness just disappeared.
“I wish I never heard of that dumb old Corona virus!” expressed Bella.
“Yeah, the teachers fuss at us if we get close to anyone.” replied Danica.
“And when Becky coughed, she was sent to the clinic immediately.” said Cassi with a cross looking face.
“Well it is almost 3:00. When we get home let’s forget about the Covid-19 and come to my house to work on our costumes for tomorrow. Come over at about 4:30.” uttered Cybele.
“Okay.” they responded in unison.
Each girl went home to quickly grab a snack and their items for their costumes. They had been working on some simple costumes to wear while walking around on Saturday night. If they saw any of their cool male classmates, then fine. A night of socializing was what the doctor would prescribe. After that then they would have a sleep over at Cybele’s house. Their parents knew and approved of the sleep over only if the girls checked their temperatures, washed their hands, and reported in a couple of times.
Parents were such wusses. Besides, their parents were friends and were probably out themselves.
Bella was the last to arrive. She had to feed her cat and clean out a litter box.
The four girls were soon laughing and smiling at the progress they had made. Some of the costumes needed parts to be sewn on and others had parts that were glued on. Each costume was one that would be offered to the god of the trashman on the next garbage day. They knew that their parents did not care about things not bought with money.
“Well if you do not have a fear of spiders, my costume will spin a web around you and sink my fangs into you.” Bella said with an ominous smile. She put a pair of rubber fangs in her mouth and tried to smile.
“Ooooh!” said the other three girls.
“I love bats.!” whispered Danica. “I know that they love nighttime and so do I.”
“Why?” asked Cybele.
“I don’t know. I do all my best thinking at night. Sometimes I study for tests then.” she answered.
“My parents insist that I go to bed between 10:00 and 10:30. interjected Bella. “A brain can’t work on less than 6 hours of sleep.” She imitated her mother pointing her finger to her head.
“Bah humbug.” Said Cybele.
“Wrong holiday!” said Cassi.
“Oh yea. Right. “responded Cybele with a giggle.
“I’m next with the dark, evil clown.” uttered Cassi with the high-pitched voice that almost sounded mechanical. She turned around with a red nose on her nose and sharp teeth.
“Take that away Danica said.” as she covered her eyes.
“Aw. Is the little girl afraid?” Cassi asked sarcastically.
“No. It is repulsive.” Danica muttered.
Cybele stood up and walked into her bathroom. “I’ll be back.” When the door opened, she had a witch’s hat on with dark black hair coming out from it.
“I’m Zelda. I have my broom parked outside.” Cybele laughed “Ha-ha-ha-haaah!”
“Not bad.” commented Bella.
The girls worked a little longer to finish their creations and then decided that they had enough done.
“Now let’s finish our plans.” suggested Danica.
Meanwhile, the four henchmen who were hiding inside the mirror listened with satisfaction. They figured that the night would be one of redeeming importance. One of the four snorted with pleasure.
“What was that sound?” asked Cassi.
“Oh, just some noise from the attic.” answered Cybele.” I’ve been hearing it for the last hour or so. It might be our air conditioning unit trying to start.” She pointed to the ceiling. “Dad’s going to get it fixed on Monday.”
Early Saturday morning, the Collins’ old tree next to the house showed that the wind that passed through the area that night had almost tore a large limb off a tree. Mr. Collins did not have a ladder tall enough, so he made an appointment with a tree company for the next day.
He figured that the sprinklers would not affect the tree, so he let the sprinklers water the yard. The time that the sprinkler would turn off would be at about 11:30 that night after the girls had arrived home for their sleep over.
The girls looked forward to the celebration that evening. They all promised to carry their cell phones and call if they needed any help. 911 would be allowed in extreme emergencies.
They also promised to only talk to boys that they knew. No strangers.
But the most important rule was for them to stay together as a group.
Cybele knew where the extra key was if she lost hers. Her parents were satisfied and went out to dinner at a friend’s house.
She was responsible for the group since she initiated the plan. The loss of driving and her cell phone for six months was the penalty if anything went wrong. She signed a contract and gave it back to her mother Saturday morning with a sigh.
At 6:30 PM the sun was setting. The girls had been together for 30 minutes putting on their costumes and make-up. Laughs and haunted sounds were heard coming from Cybele’s room even though they had a CD playing haunted songs and noises. Having fun was the goal of the evening.
The girls had finished putting on their costumes and left for the park. They did not notice the dark forms following them at a slight distance.
Belle seemed to shiver. “I don’t know if you feel it but I think we might be followed.” She took a quick peek over her shoulders.
Danica peeked also. “I think you might be scared of your own shadow.”
Cassi added. “I felt a shiver go through my body.” She shook a little. “I’m glad we are in a group.”
“Well I want to continue.” said Cybele.
“Yeah let’s go.” Finished Cassi.
The park had many fun activities. The booths were spaced out and busy. The band started the last song which meant that the activities were over. With resigned faces, the crowd left to go home.
The girls walked back to Cybele’s house and noticed that the limb on the limb on the tree was closer to falling.
“Oh man! Look at that!” exclaimed Cybele.
“Yeah let’s get in now.” responded Bella. “I don’t like the looks of that limb.”
The henchmen only thought that this was their chance to get the girls ready to be taken. They began the transformation into human forms.
The oldest henchman led the group towards the girls. They would inform the girls that they were lost and wanted directions.
“Hey beautiful!” he chanted. “My friends and I am lost.” He showed the other three boys. “Can you help us?”
“No replied Cybele”
“But we are tired and want to go home.” he added.
“Go back to the park and ask someone else.” She said in a louder voice.
“You are so pretty. And I bet nice too.” His smiling face showed in the streetlight.
Suddenly the streetlight started flickering.
The girls started screaming and trying to run to the house but unexpectedly the limb fell on the wire to the streetlight and into a puddle that the sprinkler had made.
“Arrrrg!” cried the first form who was standing in a puddle.
“Electricity is changing us into our former forms!” replied the second figure.
“We are not protected!” responded the third.
“I feel that we are going!” was heard from the fourth.
Then they were gone.
The girls felt like they were released from the powerful force that had held them. They rushed into Cybele’s dark house and into the kitchen. They waited to tell Bob and Joanna about the event.
Mr. Collins called the police and electric company. The police could not find any suspicious men. While the electric company had the power to the Collins’ house restored within an hour.
There was only one place the henchmen could go. There He was waiting. His hair was fling all around. His eyes were like coals as orbs in his sockets.
“I am disappointed in you!” He spoke emphatically.
“We tried but …a tree limb.” The first henchman offered. But it did not matter. His body began to disintegrate. The little parts scattered In the cosmos. Then the second, third and finally the fourth.
They were never seen again.
The entity called Him would have to wait 19 years for the next Blue moon-holiday astronomic occasion to occur. He went inside the ring and went down to his chamber to rest and plan.
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