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by Sum1
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Sometimes, it's hard to figure out who's guilty of a crime... All dialog short story
Who Killed Steve?

         “You’re doing it again Jim.”

         “Doing what?”

         “Don’t play coy with me, you know what I’m talking about!”

         “I think you better be a little, no a lot, more clear about what you’re inferring here Mr. Smarty Pants.”

         “You’re trying to come off as Mr. Innocent here.”

         “What do you mean? Mr. Innocent…”

         “Well, for starters, Steve’s dead. Right?”

         “Well, uh, yeah, I guess he is.”

         “You guess? I mean c’mon, you saw him fall. I don’t know how anyone who could live through being pushed into a volcano like that! And we both know who pushed him…”

         “Now wait a minute, I did no such thing!”

         “Did I say you did it? No, but you must be guilty. Otherwise, why would you protest so vehemently?”

         “Because you were accusing me of doing it!”

         “No, I never accused you. I just said you saw him fall.”

         “Well, that would imply I was there, wouldn’t it?”

         “Yep, but someone else could have been there too you know.”

         “I don’t recall seeing anyone else.”

         “Well, you know what you have do to prove your innocence, don’t you?”


         “Make someone else the killer, someone other than you. Because right now, that killer is you.”

         “But I didn’t kill Steve!”

         “True, no one did, after all, he’s just a fictional character you created in your story!”

         “Y’know, sometimes, I really hate having a muse that talks to me the way you do.”

         “Yeah, but if I didn’t, would you ever get anything written?”

Jim Dorrell

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