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A friendly game of Smash Bros. gets weirder and weirder.
“Hey Ashton” Payton yells. “Want to play some smash?”
“Sure,” Ashton replies. Ashton walks into Payton’s room and sees that she had already set up the game. However, there was a strange button beside her. Ashton and Payton are brother and sister. Payton is 12 and Ashton is 14. The Myles family has four kids, Bryton (the oldest), Ashton, and twins Paxton and Payton. Ashton is on the shorter side for his age. He stands at roughly 4’10”. Payton is also shorter for her age standing at about 4’3”.
“Hey Ash. Ready?” Payton asks, eagerly.
“I guess... what’s the button for?” Ashton wonders.
“Oh, I’ll show you whenever someone loses,” Payton giggles.
“Okay...” Ashton shrugs. Ashton and Payton then begin to play.
“You do know how to play, right Ashton?” Payton asks her older brother.
“Of course! I’m the best player in ninth grade,” Ashton boasts.
“Okay good! I’m really good at this game,” Payton responds. The two then start the fighting. Ashton chooses to be Link for the first round. Payton chooses to be Kirby. The battle goes on for a good twenty minutes when finally in the Death Match, Ashton loses.
“Oh!” Ashton screams, “Good game sis!”
“Good game,” Payton replies. “Now you have to press the button.”
“Oh, so every time someone loses, they have to press the button?” Ashton guesses.
“Yep,” Payton acknowledges. Payton gets a huge grin on her face and start to giggle.
“I don’t think I’m gonna like this,” Ashton says. He presses the button. Suddenly, Ashton’s surroundings got larger. Ashton looks at his hands and then at Payton.
“What just happened?” Ashton demanded.
Payton laughs, “This button makes the loser shrink! I love it!”
“I don’t love this!” Ashton yells.
“But you’re so cute!” Payton squeals. “Let’s play another game.”
Ashton sighs, “Okay.” Ashton and Payton start a new game. This time, Ashton is Sonic the Hedgehog and Payton is Ness.
“Why did you chose Ness? He sucks,” Ashton protests.
“Maybe for you,” Payton replies. The two continue with their game.
“Hey Ash, do your feet even touch the ground?” Payton asks. Ashton looks down the edge of Payton’s bed and saw that his feet no longer touch the ground. Before he shrunk, he could touch the ground. Ashton assumed that he was about his sister’s height because she couldn’t touch the ground either.
“No,” Ashtons says.
“So funny!” Payton squeals again.
“Whatever, you can’t touch the ground either!” Ashton reminds Payton. Immediately after he said that, Ashton’s character was thrown into the vastness of space, making Payton win the match.
“Yes! I win again!” Payton boasts.
“That’s not fair! You were talking to me!” Ashton protests.
“Rules are rules. Press the button, but let me hug you when you do it. I want to feel you shrink in my arms,” Payton giggles. Ashton sighs and presses the button as Payton hugs him. Ashton and Payton were the same height before he pressed the button. When Ashton pushed the button, Payton had to go from hugging him straight, to bending down a little. Ashton shrank to Payton’s belly button.
“Ooh! That game me chills! Kind of tickled me too,” Payton commented. Ashton looks at himself and compares himself to his not so little sister.
“What!” Ashton screams, ‘I’m so small! I’m to your belly button!”
“I know!” Payton giggles rubbing Ashton’s tiny head. Payton’s hand is as big as Ashton’s head now. Her long fingers hang off the side of his head a little. Payton and Ashton do another game of Smash. Ashton think that he can beat his sister. Ashton realizes, “How am I supposed to do my special moves? My hands are so small.”
“I don’t know,” Payton says. “I’ll go easy on you.” Ashton and Payton then play the new match. This time, Ashton is Pikachu and Payton is Villager. About twenty minutes later, the game ends with a huge blowout. Payton won again winning with all three of her lives.
“Hmm...” Ashton hums.
“I didn’t even do anything!” Payton laughs. “I hit you a few times, but you fell off the edge of the map.”
“Do I have to?” Ashton whines.
“You have to. Press the button, but this time it in my lap.” Ashton presses the button once again and shrinks down in Payton’s lap. Payton’s legs are becoming so big that they could be a cage to hold Ashton in.
“One more game,” Ashton says with confidence. “This time I will beat you.”
“Okay shorty,” Payton teases. So, Ashton and Payton play one more match. If Ashton shrinks anymore, he’ll be able to fit in Payton’s shoe. For this last round, Ashton chooses his best character, his MII. Payton chooses Zero Suit Samus. For a final time, Ashton and Payton play Smash Bros.
Ashton heaves his huge controller up to his tiny body
“Hmm... I may regret this,” Ashton soon realizes. They battle it out until the end. In the end, Ashton and Payton both have one life left. Payton is at 89 damage taken and Ashton is at 40 damage taken. Just then, Payton gets the almighty Smash Ball, to get the final smash on Ashton. Payton had won once again.
“What happened to beating me little bro,” Payton mocks picking up Ashton with one hand.
Ashton sighs, “I thought I had it. I forgot that the controller was gonna be huge and that the characters here aren’t like they are at school.”
“Yep. Man Ashton, you don’t weigh a lot. I can easily pick you up with one hand,” Payton says as she stands up with tiny Ashton in her hand. Ashton clinches Payton’s long fingers trying not to fall through her hand.
“Please don’t drop me Pay. That’s a long way down,” Ashton trembles.
“It’s only 4 feet 2 inches, you’ll be fine,” Payton says.
“Not for me!” Ashton screams. Payton realizes that he is really small and a small fall for her is aa long way for Ashton. Payton its back down on her bed and puts Ashton on her chest. Ashton hangs on to her shirt for dear life.
“Time to press the button Ashton,” Payton giggles. “I’ll do it for you this time.” Payton presses the button and Ashton immediately shrinks, being thrown into the air a little. Suddenly, Ashton misses Payton’s shirt and he falls into her shirt, sliding down her torso like a slide.
“Woah!” Ashton yells. Payton’s eyes widen as she finally understands what is happening.
“That tickles Ashton!” Payton giggles as Ashton slides down her stomach. Ashton was now the height of Payton’s ankle. After the sliding and laughing comes to an end, Payton tries to find Ashton.
“Okay tiny Ashton, time to come out,” Payton says as she lifts her shirt to take Ashton out.
“Oh no! I’m not going into those giant hands again,” Ashton says as he sees giant, long fingers starting to engulf him. Ashton starts to crawl all around Payton’s body.
“What are you doing Ashton?” Payton giggles as she is being tickled and trying to keep up with Ashton around her body. Ashton is surprisingly fast as a tiny person. Every time he is close to being caught by Payton, her hand misses him. Ashton continues to circle around Payton’s ginormous body trying to stay away from her hands. Payton also continues to try and catch her tiny brother. Payton has to bend her arms to get him on her back, she has to use both hands to try and catch him in different places, she even has to put her hand in her shirt to get him. After about thirty minutes of playing real life Cat and Mouse, Ashton comes to a cross road. Ashton is at the point of Payton’s body where he has to chose to keep crawling around her torso, or crawl about her long legs and feet. He has a some time to decide because Payton had stopped trying to catch him. She had just eat him roam around her body. She enjoyed it. It made her feel good and it tickled her.
Ashton thinks to himself. If I go down into her leggings, I’ll have less room to crawl because i will be so tight up against Payton’s legs. This will get me caught. But if I do go down there, I will have a chance at escaping. And even if I don’t escape, I could slip into Payton’s shoes and tickle her feet, just for the fun of it. I don’t know. Suddenly, Payton knocks Ashton into her leggings, and into the wrong spot. She knocks Ashton into her panties, right near her groin area, and Payton’s private area was down there. Luckily, Ashton was stuck in the waistband of her panties, so he was safe.
“Okay Ashton,” Payton yells to her body searching one more time for Ashton, “I give up on trying to find you. I don’t know where you are, so I’m going to go and play soccer with my friends.”
Ashton thinks that this will be good. He could stay safe in between Payton’s waistband. But, he was dangerously close to her private area.
Payton walks outside and starts to play soccer with her friends; siblings Jazzy and Jack, her 14 year old friend Asia, and her twin friends Liam and Eli. Payton was the shortest out there, but she didn’t care.
As Payton runs and lifts her legs to stop and kick the ball, Ashton starts to slowly slip down into Payton’s panties.
Oh please no Ashton thinks to himself. I can’t go down there. Ashton tries to hang on to the top of Payton’s panties, but it was no use. He continued to slowly slip in between Payton’s legs and into her panties. It was very sweaty and warm.
Payton suddenly gets a really good feeling in her crotch area that slowly her down. She adjusts her leggings thinking that her leggings were rubbing against her area. She goes back to playing soccer. A few minutes later, she gets the feeling again, but she keep running because she has the ball. All throughout her running, the sensation was getting increasingly more and more pleasant. Something was rubbing against her area. Payton had no idea that it was her tiny brother. Ashton just sat in there as her was being rubbed against Payton’s area. The very pleasant sensation soon got too much for Payton. She felt like she had to pee very badly. Payton shot the ball in the goal, then held her legs crossed for a few seconds to try and hold her pee in.
“You okay Payton?” Asia asks her.
“Oh, yeah,” Payton pants. The satisfying sensation soon starts to disparate and Payton goes back to running. However, as soon as she started running again, the sensation came back, this time much stronger than any other time. Ashton was still being rubbed up against Payton’s area as she ran and kicked the ball. He couldn’t do anything because he was constantly moving around in Payton’s panties. Payton had to excuse herself to the bathroom to try and get the rubbing under control. Payton runs back inside her house and up the stairs, still with Ashton’s body rubbing up against her area. Payton goes up into her room and looks down into her pants.
“Ashton!” Payton pants, “What are you doing!”
“Nothing!” Ashton yells, “I got trapped in here.”
“How?” Payton pants again.
“You knocked me into your waistband. And then any time you run or lift your legs to kick the soccer ball, I rub up against... your area..” Ashton says weirded out.
“It kind of felt good, not gonna lie,” Payton giggles. Payton reaches into her panties and grabs her tiny brother. Ashton was just bigger than Payton’s middle finger, so about the height up to her ankle.
“So how do I get back to normal size?” Ashton asks desperately.
“Oh here,” Payton says grabbing a gun from inside her dresser. “This growth ray will get you back to normal.”
“Okay, shoot me,” Ashton says eagerly. Payton then shoots the ray at her tiny brother’s body. A beautiful light blue ray comes out of the end of the gun. As the ray is consumed by Ashton’s body, he gets a satisfying sensation that courses through his body. Suddenly, Ashton starts to grow. Ashton grows in small spurts, moaning a little through each spurt. Ashton’s legs bend and tremble as he grows. As Ashton grows, a stretching sound fills the room. The sound is Ashton’s body stretching and growing. Ashton enjoys this feeling very much. In about five minutes, Ashton is back to Payton’s height.
“Umm...” Payton worries.
“What?” Ashton asks.
“I can’t turn it off!” Payton yells worryingly. Ashton’s body just continues to grow upwards in consistent, 2 inch spurts. Ashton soon passes his old height of 4’10”.
“Turn it off Payton!” Ashton demands.
“I’m trying!” Payton yells back. Ashton continues to moan through each spurt. Ashton is slowly inching closer to the ceiling.
"Payton!" Ashton moans.
"I still can't turn it off!" Payton says worryingly as her brother slowly inches bigger and bigger. Soon, Ashton has a huge growth spurt of about five inches.
"Ooh!!" Ashton moans loudly. Ashton really enjoyed that spurt, but he is now very close to the ceiling. Ashton has another five inch growth spurt and bangs his head on Payton's fifteen foot ceiling. Ashton continues to inch upward with his spurts being about four inches each time. Ashton's legs still bend and twitch with every growth spurt. He soon has to bend his neck so that he does not break through the roof.
"Finally!" Payton says as the growth ray turns off. Payton looks up and stares at her giant brother. She stares at the back of his panted legs. Payton's head is just below his knee. Payton walks in between Ashton's legs to the front of his body. "Woah!" Payton yells. "You're huge!"
"Yeah" Ashton said sarcastically. Ashton has to bend his back to be able to fit in Payton's room. His back was flat against the ceiling.
"Look at how small I am compared to you!" Payton said excitedly. "I wonder if I could climb you leg."
"Oh I wouldn't. . ." Ashton was interrupted by a tickle feeling on his right leg. Payton was small enough to fit inside of Ashton's pant leg, and be able to climb his leg. Payton climbed all the way up to his thigh then slide down his leg. Ashton giggled as she slid down his ticklish leg. Payton could not fit all the way up his leg. Payton looks at her humongous brother again.
"You may be a bit too big 'big' brother," Payton giggled.
"Maybe," Ashton agreed.
Payton and Ashton both said in unison, "Let's never do this again!"
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