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I saw the words in bold on a list, and knew I had to write a poem using them.
Words No Longer Known Or Used

Today’s world makes one want to grab their bodkin,,
Perhaps to shove right in their Callipygian.
I’m pretty sure, that that will hurt,
Yet I don’t think you’d see a spurt.

These times are strange for Funambulists,,
One thing’s for sure, they’d not fall in a mist.
Doesn’t matter, things are Nugatory,
No one cares; in that there’s no glory.

This past year can drive one to crapulous,,
If you do that, you are far from fabulous.
Once there, you might be pretty noisome,
Kissing you could leave a taste of poison.

Perhaps last year brings out the crepuscular,
You could scare them off if you were muscular.
Or perhaps outshine them with your pulchritude,
Imagine that, seeing two of them feud!

This silly poem has a plethora of words,
Many understood, by only a few nerds.
My fungible goods did not suffer deflation
I can’t help this feeling of formication.

With all that typed, I believe I’m done,
Using words that might have left you stunned.
So I’ll leave this poem with this one small thought,
Knowledge is gained in school, it can’t be bought.

Jim Dorrell
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