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A supernatural romance - Rudy develops an ability to see the man of her dreams...
Genre: Supernatural Romance
Word Count = 2586.

A blinding white headache seared though Rudy's temples. The flash caused her to clamp her eyes shut and drop her head into her hands. Her brain felt like it was on fire. She moved her hands to cover her eyes and rubbed at her temples. Her breath came in short spurts as she dealt with the pain that surged through her.

"Ruby? Ruby are you okay?" she could hear, but the voice sounded so far away. It sounded like an echo, like it was down a long underground tube.

Her own voice refused to catch and as she began to shake her head, another firestorm of pain ripped through her. She stopped the movement and gulped in more air as she fought to regain some footing. She swayed as the pain jack knifed, leaving her light headed. Her body was a jumble of pin prickles.

Then like a flash of lightening, it was gone and Rudy slumped forward as if the jolt had taken a part of her with it. The pain was gone. Still, she sat with her eyes closed, her breathing ragged and her hands still holding her head. Fear swam in her veins. Would it return?

The voice, like a shrill dog, yipped out at her. Its echo gone. It was now clear, loud and very close. She wanted it to stop, but she could not seem to get her body to move or tell whatever it was to go away.

"I'm fine," she finally managed, barely above a whisper.

"Oh My God. What happened?" the voice cut through her again. It was like pouring rubbing alcohol over a thousand tiny paper cuts. She gave a little shake, wanting it to stop. For the voice to just stop.

"Stop screaming Del," a deeper, calmer voice said. There was authority in the tone.

Ruby’s stomach lurched and rolled and before she could do anything, she heaved, emptying the contents all over the floor.

The high pitch scream beside her ramped up, but before she could register anything further, the deep voice moved closer and soothed her. It seemed to draw her away from the trauma of the situation. Hands touched her shoulders and before humiliation could leave her like a wet noodle, she was scooped up his strong arms and carried out beyond the stifling vomit smell that threatened to make her do it again. She couldn't do it again. There was nothing left.

Cold air hit her. Iced air. Blessedly cold and she dragged in gulps full as if she had been drowning. She let go of the questions that were beginning to bounce around inside her head and just concentrated on finding her equilibrium.

"That's right. Just breathe," the deep voice rumbled out and she savoured the sound and the feel of it.

She snuggled into his heat. her eyes still closed. The pain and anguish of the last few minutes seemed to melt away.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"My pleasure."

She chucked at that. Pleasure. There had been nothing pleasurable about the last few minutes. The only thing pleasurable was the contact she now felt wrapped within the security of his arms.
After several long moments, when Rudy felt her strength returning and her usual self begin to feel normal, he spoke again, "I have to go. You'll be fine."

She felt his arms slide away before she could even rouse herself to open her eyes. When she did, he was gone and she felt the cold seep back into her. She was in the park across from the cafe she'd been in. There were flashing lights and sirens blaring on the street before her. The scene was lit up like a Christmas tree. She sat, staring open mouthed. Questions flared, then blazed. What was going on? Why was she out here on this frozen snowy bench and not feeling the bitter bite of the winter air? She didn't even have a coat on.

A part of her seemed to sense she needed to go over there and check out what was happening, but still, she lingered. Watching. Watchful. Curious, yet also confused.

She remembered the headache and reached up to touch her temple. There was no pain now. It was like a bad dream or memory lost in fog. There, but fuzzy.

She stood. Her legs weak, but with each step she seemed to gain her strength back. She made her way across the pristine snow. Her footsteps crunching through the unblemished surface. A momentary thought peaked - where were the man's footsteps?

Slowly, she made her way back to the cafe. The chaos engulfed her. The sounds, the scents, the sights all overwhelmed her and her heart began to pound so hard that it filled her ears.

In the cafe she stood rooted to the spot just inside the door. Eyes scanning, she noticed a large group of people surrounding someone on the floor. Who could that be?

She felt drawn forward. With each step, her heart began to splinter and pain filled her body. She wanted to stop, turn and escape, but the forward momentum dragged her on.

For one suspended moment she saw herself looking down at her own body. She was pale, almost ghost-like. Lying there like a broken doll. Was that really her?

Questions buzzed, threatening her newfound equilibrium. What the hell was happening here?
Then a jolt bolted through her and she felt herself falling, unbound and broken. When she finally landed, she felt the trauma of the physical tying her down. Hands prodded her. Voices called out to her. Tears flowed and crying could be heard. Confusion surfaced along with the pain.

"It will be all right," the deep voice resonated through her and she tried to focus on it, but it slipped away as the overwhelming sounds of chaos washed over her like a tidal wave.

"She's coming around," she heard someone say as she tried to open her eyes.

"Let's give her some space,"

Ruby focused on that man's voice. It had a familiar tone to it. She blinked slowly at first trying to focus on his face. He was smiling. Did he just wink at her?

"There you are. Welcome back." he said to her as she blinked, trying to clear the fog of unknowing.

"What? Where?" Ruby stuttered.

"It's okay. You're okay now," he assured her giving her a kind smile. He glanced away as he told someone else, she'd be going to the hospital for a check.

Ruby was shifted onto a thin mattress of a stretcher and the bed was levered up and rolled out of the cafe into an awaiting ambulance. The man followed her out of the café and climbed in as the stretcher was pushed in. He leaned back when someone grabbed his arm.

"Can I come," she heard her friend, Del ask. "I need to be with her."

"You can meet her at the hospital. She's in good hands," the deep voice told her friend.

The doors of the ambulance slammed shut, then oblivion took her.


A hand stroked her cheek. A finger trailed along the outline of her lips drawing her out of her own self-imposed darkness and into the light. She opened her eyes to gaze up into eyes the colour of smooth amber whiskey. They glowed with an inner flame. Her breath caught.

His face was so close, hovering above her. She dipped her gaze to his firm, full lips and drew in a shaky breath as a bolt of desire turned her limbs to molten lava. Her fingers itched to touch the rough stubble over his face. She could feel his strong arms encircle her, keeping her fears at bay. She felt protected.

"Where am I?" she asked making herself look beyond him. Trying to find something to help steady her racing heart.

"You're safe," his voice rumbled drawing her gaze back to his.

"But what is this place?'

He smiled as he moved back to give her more of a view. His smile mesmerized her, but she forced herself to look over his shoulder to the open field. Long grasses swayed under a perfect blue sky. Bird song danced and its melody floated along the breeze.

He shifted to help her sit up, then sat down beside her. His long legs stretched out, their thighs touching. She could feel the potency of him. It seemed to vibrate around them, sending electrical current zinging through her. To ground herself, she let her fingers find the heavy weave of the blanket they were stretched out upon.

"Let's walk," he suggested sensing her need to explore. He stood and held out his palm to help her up. She reached up and placed her hand in his. He drew her up. On wobbly legs she teetered and toppled into his broad chest pressing her hand over his heart to steady herself. She could feel its strong beat. His other hand moved to her arm to support her. His heat infused her, giving her strength.

After a moment, she broke contact and stepped back flushed with self consciousness. Her checks flared and she dipped her eyes away from his. "Sorry," she mumbled before looking up again to fix her gaze on the scenery. She needed a diversion.

"Who are you?" she asked after a moment.

"Henry." She looked back at him, expecting more. He smiled.

"Henry who?"

He winked and Ruby's heart skipped a beat. He reached out to take her hand before they began to move through the long grass. Her heart tripped over itself as they moved forward. With each step, it managed to find a rhythm that had her soaring.

As their legs swished through the long grass, Ruby found herself relaxing and just letting herself enjoy the space and the man beside her. Her fingers were entwined with his and he was not inclined to let go of her.

She looked around the space. Mountains in the distance and a pristine lake. Its surface reflecting a perfectly blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen.

"This place is perfect," she whispered as a butterfly flitted by, then landed on her outstretched hand. She watched it moving its wings in a slow, graceful arc.

"Of course, it is. This is your happy place," he told her. His voice was husky with a tinge of amusement.

Ruby looked up into his captivating eyes and felt a little drunk.

"My happy place," she echoed. He nodded.

"If this is my happy place, then why are you here?"

He merely grinned as he shrugged his shoulders.

Ruby decided to let it go. Why waste time fretting when she could just enjoy herself. She smiled.
When they reached the edge of the lake, they stopped to watch a flock of birds take flight from the glassy surface. Henry turned towards her and slowly pulled her in towards him. He gave her every opportunity to stop him, but she didn't. Instead, she looked up into his magnetic gaze and felt herself melt into his embrace. She glanced down at his lips wiling him to kiss her before glancing up to his eyes. Henry smiled, then lowered his head to brush his lips over hers. She let her eyes close and her lips part on a sigh.

Henry eased back to look down at her, "you're perfect," he whispered huskily before lowering his lips to hers again and deepening the kiss.

Fireworks lit up the air around them and her body sizzled with sensual tension. She had never felt so desirable before. Yet, beyond that, she also felt adored and cared for.


When she awoke.... she was surrounded by white. Hospital white. Plain. Immaculate. Sterile. Ruby could hear the hum of voices further down the ward, but other than that, all was quiet. Almost too quiet.

She startled when the door was pushed open and in bustled a nurse.

"Oh, good. I see you're awake. I apologize for the placement. We had to put you up here in the psych ward. Dr. Roxin could not seem to find anything the matter with you, but you would not wake... It's been two days."

"Two days?"

"Well, off and on I suppose. You would mutter, but we could not rouse you. It was almost as if you weren't here. We thought you might be stuck in dreams. The doctor wanted to do more tests, but felt we should wait until you were back with us before doing anything."

Ruby started at her blankly. She didn’t feel like she had been here two days. But something told her that walking with and sharing precious memories with a gorgeous, whisky eyed stranger was not something that would go over too well. They would think she was insane. She was in the psych ward, after all.

When the door opened again, Ruby glanced towards it and gasped. There stood her dream man in full scrubs. A stethoscope draped around his neck. His smile warm and familiar.

"Dr. Roxin. You're just in time to see our patient. Ms. Marrs has just awakened."

"Henry?' Ruby said her voice touched with awe.

"How do you know Dr. Roxin's first name?" the nurse looked over at her curiously before glancing back at the doctor.

The doctor smiled. When the nurse looked back at Ruby, he winked and her heart soared.

When they were left alone, Ruby took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'm feeling kind of confused," she began not wanting to seem like a crazy woman. Her checks were tinged with rosy colour that threatened to turn her as red as a tomato. How could a man from her dreams be here in this room?

"Am I still dreaming?" she asked in a husky whisper.

"Dreaming?" he asked his deep voice resonating off her heart strings.

"I've seen you before..."

He paused looking over at her before asking, "in dreams?" His gaze was steady and warm. After a beat, he gave her another heart stopping grin.

She nodded, speechless.

His eyes gazed at her; serious now. When they locked with hers, she forgot to breath. His eyes widened and she could see a flame jump to life in the amber depths. "In dreams," he repeated looking slightly off kilter for a moment. "I only get snatches of sleep between shifts... but..."

"Have you walked in a meadow... with me?" she asked; her voice barely more than a whisper.

It was his turn to nod. "I thought it was... just a dream." He could not take his eyes off hers. "I have such a crazy schedule... I often just grab naps here."

He stepped closer as if drawn to her. "If I kiss you will there be...."

"Fireworks?" she finished and he nodded.

They stood staring at each other, then he leaned in and brushed his lips over hers.

"Oh my..." she sighed, feeling the tingle where he had made contact.

He leaned in again. This time capturing her lips and deepening the kiss. It was some time before he pulled back and gazed down at her. They were both breathing heavily, only this time it was his turn to let out a stuttered breath. "Oh, my..." his husky whisper tickled the smooth skin of her check. "It is you."

Their moans entwined as he met her lips again, this time cupping her face as if she were the most precious thing in the world.

Maybe dreams did come true.

I am thinking of writing a Supernatural Romance of 1000 to 3000 words for the Show Don't Tell Contest (Nov. 2018 of the Monthly Contest Challenge and I Write in 2021 week #3)
I am looking into various supernatural aspects to see what might work without being hokey - https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernatural

Give your protagonist a goal.
Establish why the goal matters--these are the stakes.
Establish obstacles to achieving the goal.
Use the goals, stakes, and obstacles to establish, increase, and resolve tension.

In all stories, all characters should want something or have a goal. What the character wants has to matter--those are the stakes. Finally, there needs to be an obstacle to achieving the goal. Goals, stakes, and obstacles are the basic building blocks of tension. The characters care about the outcome of the conflict between the goals and obstacles because of the stakes. You can increase tension by raising the stakes, increasing the obstacles, or refining the goals.

Obstacles could be internal or external. They could arise from other characters, from the physical world, the political or social world, the spiritual world, or a supernatural world.

Ruby is my character.
What is her goal? To find romance. but stay sane.
What are the stakes? Others thinking her insane.
What are the obstacles? The love interest is not on this plane of existence? How can they get together without things being nutty?

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