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silence, waiting, wanting, moment, loyal.
There are things in this world that I am able to tolerate. But the soul, my soul, can only endure so much before enough is enough.
I hate to think of you day and night, wondering what you doing, hoping that you are okay. I take the time to show you my emotions, and my thoughts. That each passing moment, they remain loyal to you.
I text you with a smile on my face and my heart skipping a beat with the thought of your response.
I wait in anticipation, waiting for you to say something…
But it never comes and I shake my head in distain.
It makes me feel as though you have looked at my words - of deep thoughts and admiration - roll your eyes and think nothing else of it.
I don’t say much because it would force you to respond to me, when all I want is a genuine reply. All you are doing is pushing me away. To close up to you. This silent response you give me, speaks to me in such a negative way. It has me doubt you.
Keep it up, my love, and soon I will respond to you no more.

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