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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2243656
when you hold onto something for way too long.
I never thought the day would come when I'd say I'm tired.
Tired of thinking of you, wanting you, and all that comes with this unacquainted love.
What I want most in this world is peace. Peace of mind, peace in my heart. I don't understand what was the point of desiring your every being if I was never to have you in the first place?
To be another friend? Would it be cruel if I said I have those, I don't need another?
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his value, even though I don't sound like it.
Or maybe I am mad at myself for allowing myself to love you much longer then needed.
Maybe the lesson here was to understand that I could love. (Numbness is all I knew.)
I cared in my life. That was all I needed.
And then one day I met you and fell hard!
And then nothing.
It sucks to fall for someone that only feels admiration.
Maybe I am being selfish?
Maybe I am being a narcissist, only thinking of myself.
Or maybe, deep down, not wanting to admit it, I am a hopeless romantic!
I wanted to share this feeling that I never had, with you.
I hate it and I no longer want it! This feeling has passed its stay.
Do you understand me?
No, not you!
I speak to the woman that stares back at me through the cracked mirror. (cracked but not broken.)
Things didn't go our way, as harsh as that sounds to others.
Understand that it is not always your way.
Let it go and give us peace.
You are the only one that can.
Do not demand for an answer, as it has been given to us in so many ways!
Words were never spoken but actions were surly displayed!
The actions you received were unspoken, which actually speaks volumes.
You just needed to listen, instead of being so stubborn!
Bring me peace and let this go. I promise you that another awaits us. Love is hidden behind the shadow of the one you unnecessary hold onto. I actually cry because I am scared of the unknown. I think I felt safe with the thought of you. But I am beginning to understand that this is actually hindering me and the only one that can help me, is me!
I need to let go, but when will I actually understand this?
Will I ever?

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