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Being you own worse enemy.
Hello there, do you not grow tired?
“Of what?”
Wishing upon a star? a star that you are unable to reach.
“Do you?”
Those that I cannot reach, yes.
You wish and you wish and receive only silence.
“Hope is what keeps me going.”
It also hinders you from moving forward
“What can i do?”
Let it go.
“Much easier to say then do.”
Only if you allow it.
“Who are you to judge?”
The one that grows tired of staring back at you, watching the light in your eyes, die. Night after night. Day after day.
“You know nothing!”
I know everything.
“What's wrong with me?”
“Why was I not enough?”
You are.
“You lie!”
Do I?
“I don't know.”
Neither do I.
“How will this end?”
I am not sure.
“Are we sure about anything?”
Only that we desire.
“What was the point!”
I am not sure.
“To grow?”
“Are we that weak?”
“Now what?”
You tell me.
“Emotions are deathful!”
And so is your sadness.
“How can I fix this?”
“Time has been my demise!”
Has it?
“Wouldn't you think?”
At times.
“You’re funny!”
I can be.
“Can anyone tell?”
That we hide effortlessly, while crying inside.
“Might be for the best.”
For who?
At least we agree on that.
“What more can be done?”
Stop hoping
“Stop bothering me!”
I can't.
Because I am you.
“What do you want?!”
“ I have nothing more to say!”
Then tomorrow we begin this pointless cycle, once again.
“I am truly sorry.”
For what?
“For being so pathetically in love with the wrong person. For allowing these stupid emotions cloud my mind. For everything! Wait? Where have you gone? Don't leave me! I have no one but you!”
Hello there, do you not grow tired?
“What? Have we not done this before?”
“Have we started over?”
A new day has arrived.
“Yet, I stand in the same spot.”
One step forward, two steps back.
“I don't know what to do!”
Neither do I.
“I grow bored of this vicious cycle!”
Tell me about it.
“Will this ever end?”
Hello there, do you not grow tired?
“I must let go, I need too!”
Hello there, do you not grow tired?
Hello there...
“No more ,please!”
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