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I love snow watching it glide to Earth from Heaven, a gift from God.
A Cold Winter’s Wish!

I watch as the sleet falls onto the Earth’s ground, a pile of white slush.
I wonder how such a miracle can fall from the sky.
My wish on this day that it is snow and not sleet as before.

I watch it slide down the trees, the fences that surround my yard.
Wondering if it shall fade into the ground as usual.
After watching for hours, I see another miracle.
Performed by His All-Mighty Hand.

God has granted me another work of His art.
Icicles forming from the rooftops and my car.
I watch in dismay as they get longer as the day proceeds to a close.

I close my blinds reluctantly to the cold winter’s night.
In hopes of seeing snow, I did not.

I awoke in the middle of the night, still in hopes of snow.
I swing the door open in dismay and sigh once again.
I close the door and slip back under my nice warm blankets.
Asking God if He would give me yet another gift of joy.

To my amazement in the morn, there were only icicles on the rooftops.
Ice upon the ground, in the bushes and the trees.
They sparkled in the little sunlight there was.
I sat at the window in awe once again.

I thank God for His blessings and gifts of wonder and awesomeness.
As I looked up through my wet eyelashes.
I was yet to be blessed once again.

The snowflakes began to fall in big fluffy flakes.
I sat in the splendor of this magnificent delight.
For He granted me another wish of joyous bliss.

They floated to the Earth-like fluffy cotton balls.
I was glued to the window for hours once again.
It brought back childhood memories of old.
Of such dreams, I would concur my world.

Now, the days pass, I watched the snowmelt and the icicles too.
I watch as each drop of water hits the ground.
In anticipation of Spring to come in all its glory!


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