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Rated: E · Monologue · Drama · #2246069
Everything is wrong!
The time has come to ask, what is wrong?
You say this all the time.
But guess what, little girl, we both know you are not!
I should know, I am you. I come to you from within.
You can no longer pretend. One way or another you are going to have to notice me. I need your help. But, oh no, you hide me away and expect me to go away like I am a pair of shoes.
You smile your little life away and expect me to go away. But guess what? I am not. And the more you ignore me the more angry I’m going to get. I know you are strong, but you must understand that it’s okay to fall down and cry. You act with no emotion. Yet, I know you are afraid to show those emotions because others have battered them. That feeling that you tend to hide so much, you give it to me. So that I can put it away. But put it away, where?
I have no more room to lock it up!
All your hatred towards life, you give it to me! I’m tired of trying to hide something that you and I were meant to work together and pull through. The more you wish to die, the more you’ll live. Until you learn how to work with me. Help me. You and I only have ourselves to make it here. The one true thing you fear: life. Pain is the formula to become strong. But in order to become strong you must first accept your faults as well as your good. Stop believing that the little voice inside your head is just your imagination. Acknowledge me!

(Writer's side note: Written 11/18/02 @13:47/// So much has changed!)
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