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A poem to sum up. 1st Place in Shadows & Light Poetry Contest, April 2022.
Falling Out of Love

It’s so easy now to dream
of other places in other times,
to turn away from today
and be once again in the past.
Yet I never thought I’d say that
things aren’t what they used to be
but they aren’t, let’s face it.
Back then, when the sun shone hot
upon my skin, and the world
held certainty of this and that,
things knew their place and stayed
where you left them, meaning lay
in eyes and words of innocence
and what a man said yesterday
meant the same tomorrow.
Now, in the cold light of today,
where truth is relative and mutable,
shapeless as putty, yet sharp
as a stiletto between the ribs,
it seems we have forgotten
all we ever knew; instead
we study hatred, turning gold
to brass and lies to hallowed mores.

I guess it means I’m ready,
prepared and waiting only;
I’m falling out of love with life
and longing to go home.

Line count: 27
Free verse
Just because.

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