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Harvey has a cleaning problem.
The Excrescence

Harvey first came across the excrescence when he opened the cupboard under the kitchen sink, looking for some cleaning concoction for the drain. There may well have been some patented solution to his problem in a suitably metallic-sheened container with a plastic top, but Harvey lost his motivation regarding the drain when he saw the excrescence, as he came to call it. The name seemed apt since it appeared to be a sort of cast excreted by some giant earthworm or other disgusting creature.

The difference was that this was not some isolated dropping scattered on the floor of the cupboard; it covered everything in the dark and dank hole under the sink, a mysterious growth that had oozed into existence overnight. All the cans and containers, brushes and rags were covered so that their character was completely hidden under the coating of filth. Moisture was dripping from the roof of the cupboard and a stench of decay assailed Harvey’s nostrils as he surveyed the scene. Worst of all, the vile stuff emitted a green phosphorescence so that he could see into even the darkest corners, the faint illumination turning the cupboard from darkness into mere gloom.

Harvey prodded at the excrescence with a hesitant finger. It was spongy and emitted a squelching sound at this intrusion. He drew back and shut the cupboard door. It was a cleaning job, that was obvious, but how was he to accomplish that when it already held the high ground, the storage space for all his cleaning compounds and materials?

It must be some kind of moss, he reasoned, so he would have to buy a product that would rid him of the infestation. Satisfied with this decision, he went about his normal tasks for the day and soon forgot about the presence lurking beneath the sink. In the evening, he remembered but too late. It would have to wait until the next day.

On waking in the morning, he found the kitchen was covered in the excrescence without a bare patch showing anywhere. He stared at the sight in disbelief that anything could grow so quickly. It seemed that he had awoken a sleeping giant when he opened the cupboard and now the thing was loose.

As he stood there, in shock and despair, the excrescence sent forth silent, slimy outgrowths that climbed on to his shoes. They had completely covered his feet by the time he noticed them. He tried to step out of reach but, with his feet firmly in the grip of the excrescence, the act merely unbalanced him and he toppled backwards. His head hit the floor with a crack that dazed him temporarily and he lay unmoving for a few seconds.

As though it understood his sudden weakness, the excrescence leapt upon him with thousands of growths like fingers, probing and seeking to cover his body. Harvey struggled but was pinned and could not rise.

The excrescence took the rest of the day to invade the apartment.

Word Count: 500
For SCREAMS!!! April 11 2021
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