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A poem about water... but not water.
Glistening pool
So inviting
The surface shimmers
Begging us to dive in
We step up to the edge
Our bodies vibrating with excitement
Our toes curled over the edge.
Deciding to count...
We hold hands and let the numbers roll out
1.... 2.... 3.... Go!
We jump.
Our voices triumphant
As we throw ourselves with abandon
Into the sparkling blue
But then.....
We hit the surface
Expecting to be swallowed up
By the shock of cold water
But instead...
We catapult up
Up.... Up.... Up....
Almost reaching the clouds
Our screams ones of joy
Before realizing
We must come down again
And where will we land
Without parachutes to save us
Or water to cradle us back to the earth?
Screams turn to terror
As we plummet.....

Lines = 30.

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