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A gift that will make your heart soar to the heavens above.
"Let the Love Soar Upon Your Wings!"

I watched as your plane taxied the runway
You are a flight instructor now in the Air Force
With three students aboard the plane.

I was surprised to get your call
You were flying to Smyrna, Tennessee
To give me a birthday hug and to have lunch with you!

I had just clocked in at work.
I wouldn’t be able to make it, I said with tears in my eyes
Until my boss found out and sent me off packing.

I spent a wonderful lunch with four pilots
Who celebrated my birthday with me
We talked and laughed our time away.

They asked me what I wanted, and I asked my son.
“Can you fly over me and wave your wings at me like Top Gun?”
But you said it couldn’t be done!

You told me that you weren’t flying that day, it was the students flying, and you were instructing them.
"And besides mom, the airport wouldn’t give clearance to a military plane doing that maneuver over the city."
I was a little disappointed but understood and didn't push it.

As I watched you taxi the runway
You called to tell me they had you using the other runway.
And wouldn’t be able to fly overhead.

I sat on the hood of my car, watching with anticipation as you disappeared behind the trees.
As I stood up to leave, you flew directly over me; my mouth dropped
You waved your wings at me, letting me know you were flying it!

My heart soared with you that day as I returned your wave
The pride I had will last forever
I beamed from ear to ear as the tears flowed down my cheeks.

As I returned to work forty miles away with tears of joy
I hadn’t noticed I was speeding or the red light I just went through
That is until I saw red and blue lights flashing behind me!

I pulled over and rolled my window down.
The officer stood at my window looking in, and I handed him my ID and registration.
He saw the tears and asked if I was ok!

I blurted out my whole afternoon with my son.
He smiled at me with a little hesitation after looking at my ID
Ma’am, you need to slow it down, is all he could say at first.

Then he said, "Happy Birthday, Ma'am!
I know that had to be a wonderful surprise, handing me my things in return
But, I’d hate to call him and tell him that you had an accident today!"

The officer said with a smile, "I can't write you a ticket now after that story!"

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