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500 word cool anymore 48 hr contest
Such a beautiful song, thank you for posting.

I hear, in the lyrics of this song, when real love is accomplished. We so often get caught up in the courting process, trying to impress the other process, that we can't see how love has hit us head on, sometimes in a subtle way. I like how through out the song it is describing each phase of the courtship all the way to the end result of being in love.

It happens so often that a person will try and get others attention by being “cool”, especially when it is a perspective mate.
So hold your head up, work the room
Smile like you ain't nervous
And be the life of every party with all your friends
Laugh it off, roll your eyes
When they tell you that you're perfect
Yeah, you can be that with all of them

Then the moment comes when professes his love for her by letting her know she doesn't need perform, or be “cool” anymore. He knows her, the real her, not the performing her. He sees the side of her that others have not seen, a side she has only shown him, a side he wants her to continually show him. His words describe how he wants her to see what he sees. For her to let him love her and drop the act, she has him completely.

But you don't have to be cool anymore
Show me the side that nobody else knows
Drop that act with your keys at the door
Lose the mirrors, I see through the smoke
Save all that for the rest of the world
Come on, let me love you, girl
And don't you know that I'm already yours?
You don't have to be cool anymore
Cool anymore

She then responds by telling him how wonderful he makes her feel. She describes how he also is trying to be cool, yet she also sees the real him when they get home. She tells him he doesn't need to be cool either, for he too has her heart.

Puff your chest, crack a drink
With your boys like you like to, mm
And you internalize everything that's wrong, yeah, uh
But I know you and I know when we go home
You're slow dancing in the kitchen with me all night long
I know you and I know when we're alone
You'll hold me better up, better than anyone

They sing to each other of how they can pretend out in the world but when they are home and together, they are themselves with each other.
You can be anything to anyone
When the curtains close and the day is done
It's just us in the dark
Baby, just be who you are

Be who you are, who I can see, not who you pretend to be.
Let me love you, the you that you are, the you that I see.
You have my heart, no need to impress.
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