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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

“Crap, I forgot my glove.” Sam said, “If I go back for it I’ll miss the pep talk coach gives, and you know how he gets if you miss his pep talks...”

“Right, you end up at the end of the line-up... but what can you do, you need your glove or he won’t play you at all.”

“I’ll get my little sister to go.”

“Right. My sister wouldn’t go get something out of the car for me if it was in the parking lot!”

“Well, you just need to put the right spin on it.”

“The right spin?”

“Watch and learn my friend. This is too easy.”

“Hey Sandy!”


“Can you run home and get my glove for me, I forgot it?”


“If you do, I won’t tell Mom you snuck out last night after supper and met Terry Green behind the garage.”

“What! I did not! What are you talking about!”

“I didn’t say you did, I just said I won’t tell Mom you did.”

“You can’t be serious! You wouldn’t dare. I wasn't. Fine!” off she stomped.

“How did you do that? She didn’t even do it? Why did she fall for that?”

“Because she did sneak out and meet Randy Hall yesterday afternoon, and now she probably thinks I know but she’s not sure. So she’ll do anything I ask her to do to keep me quiet.”

“That’s mean.”

“That’s my job. I do it for her own good.”


“I’m her brother, the closest guy she will ever know. I have to teach her all the tricks we do before she gets too far out there with the rest of us. I’m protecting her.”

“Pretty nice spin there Sam.”

“Thanks, I came up with it all by myself!”
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