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Seeing the Earth from space made me write this poem. A Godly inspiration.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth

In 1978 astronauts read a prayer on Christmas eve
As they watched the rest of us rotate below them
I looked further passed the Earth
As it rose from behind the Moon.

Oh my God, our dear, dear God
Our better side of knowledge....
Look at that
Just look at that..
Just tell me what you feel.

Special to some.... and all
A glimpse of epic emotion
To me a visual call
Of human sight and devotion.

30 years or a thousand days
Of windows in the sky
Only children will ask why
Our Earth O' why O' why.

Be patient, be patient
To rush will touch disaster
Mistakes will have to happen so ...
We learn and go much faster.

Our place in space is unrivalled
And one thing we all should know...
We have the men and indeed the will
Still nature beats us all.

"A caterpillar to butterfly"

Look deep and find your answer.

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