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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2252064
I just use millimeters
I’m really on the short side
You’d never call me tall
In fact if I am honest
I would confess I’m small

It’s never been a problem
My feet can touch the ground
And height is not an issue
With most things I have found

But still I am embarrassed
When thinking of my size
I’d like to say I’m taller
But who’d believe those lies

When measured out in inches
I’m only sixty-four
That’s really not impressive
I’d like to say I’m more

So I have a solution
Yeah, much to my delight
I just use millimeters
When telling folks my height

Unless they’re European
They just don’t have a clue
They think in feet and inches
Like you and I would do

I give them that big number
And I assume a pose
And if they don’t believe me
I stand up on my toes

I can’t do that for long though
You know I’m not that strong
It’s works for just a while
But not for very long

Or maybe I could fool them
By wearing a high hat
But nothing makes me taller
I’ll have to live with that

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