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Written for the Monthly Poetry Contest - prompt: Enchanted Moonlight
I step out into the night
And breathe in the fragrant air
My mind settles
And the stress of the day falls away
A chorus of night sounds
Rises up,
It's crescendo building,
Then falling away...
Into a hushed silence.
As night deepens,
Enchanted moonlight
Dances off the stream
and illuminates the dew
That settles over the grassy bed
Of lushness at my feet.
Fireflies flicker through the air
A twinkling sideshow
That rises up into the trees
Like fairy lights.
I am transported from the mundane
To a world that shimmers
just on the edge of wakefulness and dreams
It is here I want to stay
Cradled in the comfort of day's end
Held in the bounty
of this natural, divine space
That covers me like a favoured old blanket
Its security keeps out the chill
And pulls the sweetness into the place
Where time seems to stand still
And gratitude is released from a full heart
To the Creator of all that is sacred.

Line Count = 32
Word Count = 167

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