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Say what you feel.
“Would you like me to explain it to you?” Wesley asked.
“I would love for you to do so.” Lulu said with a smile. Wesley led her to the dance floor. As he embraced her, he continued.
“It is very simple, my dear. You and I have these feelings for one another.”
“Really? I don’t know what you mean?” Lulu responded. She leaned her head on his shoulder.
“Allow me to delve deeper. You see, I feel it is in our best interest we explore these feelings and see where they may lead too.”
“I must say. I am flattered by your fascination with me.”
Wesley laughed. “That I am. I won’t deny it.”
“How shall we begin?”
Wesley spun her around then quickly brought her back into his arms.
“I think this is a good beginning, would you not agree?”
“I would, however, I do believe we both arrived here with different dates.” Lulu reminded him as she stared towards her date.
“Oh my dear, Lulu! Have you not heard? It is not who you arrive with, that matters. But who takes you home.”
Lulu giggled.
“Why, Wesley, are you suggesting we leave together?”
He stopped dancing and looked deep into her eyes.
“Now and forever.”
He leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on Lulu’s lips. Together they walked out, hand in hand, not once looking back.

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