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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2253792
Episode 3
Jae In is trying to pull herself together. She wants to run, but she feels that her body is frozen. Her emotions are mixed. That is why she could not express her inner feelings.

Mean while the phone rings. Mrs. Bo-young picked up the phone

Mrs. Bo-young: Hello.

Guy: Can I talk to Mrs. Bo-young?

Mrs. Bo-young: Yes I am Mrs. Bo-young. Who are you?

Mrs. Bo-young cut the phone after listening to the mysterious guy. She looks worried.

Next Morning

Mrs. Bo-young knocks on Jae In's bedroom door but get no answer. When she opens the door.

Mr. Hae Won: Jae In?

But the room is empty. Mrs. Bo-young runs to her husband

Mrs. Bo-young: Hae Won...... Jae In is not in her room.

Mr. Hae Won immediately stands up from his chair

Mr. Hae Won: What? (in shock)

Runs toward Jae In's room

Mr. Hae Won: Where is she? I am going to find her,

Mrs. Bo-young: Stop! I think she is in her school.

Mr. Hae Won: How do you know?

Mrs. Bo-young: Her school bag and uniform are not on the hanger and her clothes which she wore at night are on the bed.

Mr. Hae Won: Huh......(sigh of relief)

Mrs. Bo-young: Do not worry she will come back after school.

At the school.

Jae In sitting on the bench at the school's playground. Someone enters in the playground. It is Jae In's English teacher Mr. Shin Jong Suk

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Good Morning Jea In.

Jae In: Oh Sir! Good morning Sir. (Stands up)

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Oh! please sit down. What are you doing here? It is 7 am. Your school time is 8 am.

He sits next to her.

Jae In: I just wanted to.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Are you Okay?

Jae In: I am fine Sir.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Okay. I think you want to sit alone. Sorry if I disturbed you.

Jae In: No Sir, It is okay.

Jae In: Can I ask a question?

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: Yes, why not my child?

Jae In: Do you have any children?

Mr. Joong Suk: Yes I have a boy but he is not living here.

Jae In: Why he is not living with you?

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: He is in a better place and I think you also deserve a better place. (little frown on his face)

Jae In: Huh? (confuse)

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: I have to go now.

He stands up and starts walking toward the classroom. After few steps, he turns back and says

Mr. Shin Jong Suk: You have a bright future but it is only up to you. Your one wrong decision will make your life miserable and not only yours.....

Jae In stands up.

Jae In: What just you said sir? I could not understand you.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk left without saying anything

Eun Bi enters

Eun Bi: Hi Jae In, What are you doing here? It is so early for you. (laugh)

Jae In: I am here to meet you first.

Eun Bi: Is everything okay?

Jae In: No.

Eun Bi: What happened? Tell me now. (with aggression)

Jae In: My whole life was a lie. I do not know what I should do? (kneeling down on the ground)

Eun Bi: Why are you doing this? Tell me right now. (sitting next to her)

Jae In burst into tears and hugged Eun Bi She wants to say something, but she sees that other students are coming toward them, so she wipes her tears and stands up.

Eun Bi: Jae In?

Jae In: Nothing, it is time for class, lets go.

Eun Bi: But our class will start at 8:30am.

Jae In: I know but I have to go to the restroom.

Jae In left

During the class Jeon continuously ignores Eun Bi. After class Rim comes to Jae In's desk and asks again.

Eun Bi: Why are you behaving like this? Why are you ignoring me? Are you not going to tell me?

Jae In: I am going to Canada after the final exam.

Eun Bi: For what?

Jae In: I will continue my studies there.

Eun Bi: You did not tell me this before (with an angry face)

Jae In: I also did not know this. But my parents knew although they did not tell me. (in wrath)

Eun Bi: They are your parents and if they want, you will complete your studies there, so you have to obey. (holding Jae In's hand)

Jae In: I have to go now. (stands up and left the classroom.)

Eun Bi: What is wrong with her? (feeling sad and confuse).

At 7:30pm

Eun Bi's phone rings

Eun Bi: Hello, Aunty Bo-young

Mrs. Bo-young: Hello, Eun Bi, Is Jae In with you?

Eun Bi: No aunty, I have not seen her after school.

Mrs. Bo-young: Had she told you where she would go after school?

Eun Bi: No, she did not say anything, even though she was so upset and did not want to talk to me. She just told me that you are going to send her to Canada to complete her graduation.

Mrs. Bo-young: Okay, I will talk to you later. I am going to find her bye. (cut the call)

At the sea side

Jae In stands at the seashore.

To be continue
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