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A poem about hope and sharing your spark.
Hope is a light,
A true diamond in the ashes,
Ashes of a world of negativity,
While you look through rose-tinted glasses,

A ray of sunlight,
Shining through closed drapes,
A rainbow gleaming through the rain,
A beauty that the rain let escape,

A tiny fire,
Melting away the cold,
It wipes away the numbness after loss,
Healing powers many wish they could behold,

A hand lifting you up,
Away from the depths of the sea,
A string pulling you away,
From chaos as far as the eye can see,

A little diamond,
Sparkling in the dirt,
A big map,
Leading you away from hurt,

A guiding voice,
Telling you the world gets better,
Notes sent from family,
Love in every letter,

A light at the end of the tunnel,
A deer running through the woods,
A poem finished and complimented,
A friend coming delivering goods,

Hope helps you find that flashlight,
When others are seeing only the dark,
Hope is contagious,
And good always comes when you share your spark,

So when you are relieved,
From wandering around blind,
Save others from the same fate,
And watch the world be lightened from the light you shined.
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