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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2254216
possible loss
“Do you know who I am?”
“Do you want to?”
Jack stared at her for a moment before he answered.
“You have been staring at me for quite some time,” she said.
Jack scoffed and asked “Who are you?”
Sudden regret filled her voice as she spoke: “What does it matter?”
Jack chuckled and responded: “What is this, a game?”
“No. But you did stare.” She interjected.
“Staring at you was not an invitation.”
“Ah, so you admit staring at me.”
Jack felt annoyed.
“I was actually staring past you.”
She seemed surprised. “At what exactly?”
“I highly doubt it's any of your business.” Jack said, beginning to lose his patience. She turned behind her.
“I see nothing.”
“Maybe not to you. But I saw something.”
“Enlighten me.”
“What is it to you?” Jack snapped.
She laughed then.
“Poor Jack. Did you see them?”
“How do you know my name? Who is ‘them’?” Jack wondered.
“We have met before. You have spoken my name, from your lips, a thousand times.”
“How is that possible?”
She looked down, sadness etched at the corner of her eyes, tears threatening to fall.
“My poor, poor Jack. What have we done to you?”
“Please, who are you? I need to know.”
She cupped his face and lightly kissed him on the lips. Fear crept inside him.
“It really doesn’t matter. You will forget me, again. It's how it works.”
Before he could protest, Jack was dragged into a black SUV. As it drove off she could hear him scream for her.
“ECHO! NO! Don’t let them do this!”
She smiled then. He had remembered her. Even if it was just for a brief moment.

Word count: 283
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2254216-Poor-Jack