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Remembering the loss of a loved one.
”These Boots of Yours”

Some days are tougher than others
While others appear to drag on
My eyes search for signs of you
I can only see you when they are closed.

I long for the day to hold you once again
I stare into the abyss, it's dark and cold
A numbing feeling has taken over my body
My mind wanders to the first touch we shared.

It seems a lifetime ago that you held me
I hated letting go of you
Afraid that I’d never see or breathe you in
The scent surrounds me now, wrapping me into you.

I look at the piece of paper in my hand
The numbness of my fingers release it to the floor below
Never wanting to see the words written upon it again
Disconnecting from the world once more.

I unpack the box in front of me
Tears start to flow uncontrollably down my cheeks
I reach in to pull out the few items
Until I reach what once was a part of you.

I stare as I pull them out one at a time
Whipping the tears away with my fingertips
A smile forms upon my lips
As I clutch them to my chest.

The scent of leather, sweat, and you; drift up
As I hold them tightly to my heart
I will always cherish
These Boots of Yours.

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