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A detective goes on a mysterious case involving a dog, but things go out differently.
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Word count:888 words

The One-Eye Dog

Hello, I am Detective Waynard. I am well known for my reputation in solving some of the most brutal yet obscure cases. Once upon a time, there was a case involving a murderous little boy who was sent to juvy. He had decapitated his dad with a butcher's knife and choked his mom by shoving a spoon down her throat. The first time I saw him, he was covered in blood and he had dirt all over. I wanted mercy for him, but the law is the law. Many of my cases have involved people who have modified their bodies. A lot of those cases were life or death. A man with a gun as an arm, a woman with a brain bigger than the garbage dump in the city...these were fun to figure out, but a little traumatizing. Some people were insane, getting a trip straight to the mental hospital.

Today's case was another weird one. I got a call from a lady known as Ms. Tranny. "Hello, Waynard! I've just witnessed quite the awkward case today. I was sitting out on the porch and saw a dog in the distance. It opened its mouth and a giant monster jaw came out of its mouth and ate up a little girl. It looked like a cyclops to me, as it had one eye! It was black with white spots and a giant yellow eye. I hope you can possibly get this dog out of here!" A dog? A mutant dog? I grinned at the thought but also stared at my desk for a long while. It was time to get started on this case. This event had happened in a corridor near The Gaslight Cafe in New York. It was foggy and the streetlights lit the way through a pattern of shadows and light. I sneaked down to the corridor. It was really a defunct restaurant. There was no glamorous bright light or red and white color combination remnant of the classic diner. It was broken, abandoned. I headed down the corridor.

It was dark, with a broken lamp on the ground, flickering. I was sweating and feeling my heart beat faster and faster as I went deeper. Then, there it was. The dog was staring at me. This was the suspect, our criminal. The dog was panting and coming up to me, jumping with excitement. I saw the teeth on the inside of its mouth and automatically lost my trust towards it. It was barking with glee, staring right into my eyes. I felt bad. This dog would have to see animal control and possibly be sent to eternal rest. I was trying to figure out the cause of this strange situation. My evidence was the lamp. I had an idea. I took out my flashlight and flashed it at the dog. It started growling and opened its mouth wide, revealing those sharp teeth with gigantic gums. I had to moonwalk backwards in a swift motion to miss the teeth from chomping me up. I turned off my flashlight. The dog was happy again. It hated light, but loved darkness. What a strange beast...or dog for that matter. I came up with a hypothesis. This little girl had been killed by accident. She had the lamp, which angered the dog into killing her. I now noticed the handprint on the lamp, and smelt a nasty smell. A smell of a dead body. The dog had hid her corpse behind a trash can. It was rotting, covered in ants. Only a purple shirt with blue stripes remained. It had a splash of fresh blood. I looked to find the dog gone. I solved the case, but what now?

The next morning, I responded to Ms. Tranny with my hypothesis and what I planned to do. The dog would have to be sent to animal control and the girl would have a burial. I walked out of my office to find the dog at the top step. It had a paper. It said: I didn't mean to, I promise! "How'd you get here? I get that you're a little defunct but I believe you deserve a second chance. I want to work it out because you are a sweet one," I asked. He jumped up in excitement and led me to the corridor. He had a gift. On the trash can was a fluffy detective coat. It was grey with red lines connecting to create squares. It had plastic buttons with the cute little x's on them. "Did you make that?" I exclaimed. The dog nodded. "I'm impressed! You've done stole my heart. You know, you'd be a great assistant. You could go find all the clues I need and protect me from the freaks I see," I responded. The dog was barking and wagging its tail at a rapid rate.

In the next week or two, I convinced the court to give this dog a second chance. I gave him the medical requirements he needed, and he was now my official partner. I even had him meet Ms. Tranny. Ms. Tranny liked the dog, but was suspicious of its actions. Now, me and this defunct dog work together to solve the cases of the now defunct New York. I want to name him Cyclone.

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