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(CG5 fanfic.) What happens when the villains of Alison's stories... come to life?
Villains include: Zlaze (From my "Imaginative Villain: Zlaze" story, and Mr. Light.


Three Words: Real Life Story (Part two)
Written by Alison
Chapter one

Alison sighed. She sat in her chair, on her computer, writing a story; of course about kidnapping, which she always wrote stories about. She didn’t know why she liked to write them, especially about herself, she just liked the feeling of writing them. She couldn’t really explain it.

She wanted to be an author, or a librarian if the author thing didn’t work out, when she grew up. Besides, at fifteen, she already wrote about a hundred different stories—based on the same thing mostly. She couldn’t stop now.

Her mom came into the living room and asked, “Al, do you want to come to Ralph’s with me?”

Alison looked up from her computer and smiled. She pushed up her black-on-the-outside-rim and blue-on-the-inside-rim glasses on her nose. “Sure,” she said.

Alison got up from the chair and logged out of her computer, closing it. She flipped her straight, blonde hair out of the way from her shoulders, which flapped at her back now. She then headed to put her shoes on.

Her mom and her got into the mom’s car, and buckled their seatbelts. Off they went to Ralph’s, or so Alison thought.

What Alison didn’t know was that she was actually going to a friend-making group that was held every week on Wednesdays. And today was indeed Wednesday.

Chapter two

Alison was confused as to why she was walking through a hallway with a lady by her side. It did not look like a Ralph’s. More like a school.

The woman went into a classroom and led Alison in.

“Hello, everyone. This is Alison. She’s our new student.”

“Student?” Alison was confused. “I thought—”

“I’ll be right back. Why don’t you guys talk while I’m gone?” The long-brown-haired woman walked out of the room, closing the door.

Alison looked at the five kids in front of her. They looked like they were from Middle School. Or fifth grade. Two girls and three boys sat down on the blue carpet.

“Hi, you can call me Tiger.” a kid that looked like a girl with black glasses said. They were pretty tall, about 5’3 or something. She didn't really identify as a boy and a girl, so they went by they/them pronouns.

“I’m Russ. This is Markus and Sally,” a boy said. “What’s your name?”

Alison hesitated. She didn’t know what to say.

“Ah, I get it. Shy on your first day, huh? Don’t worry, come and sit.” Russ said.

Alison blinked slowly. She took a breath. “I’m, um… My name is Alison,” she managed to spit out. She didn't gesture to sit.

The Sally girl spoke up. She looked at her with her blue eyes. “Ooh, Alison! That’s a pretty name!”

Alison blushed. “Thanks,”

The other boy—named Fishel—smiled. “So why are you here, Alison?”

“Um… well, I don’t know, it’s just that my mom, um….” She fell silent.

“Oh. And just so you know, this is Friendly Derry. Where you can make friends.” Fishel said. He smiled again.


“So what do you do for fun?” Tiger said.

Alison took a deep breath again. “Well, uh… I write stories,”

Markus’ eyes lit up. “What kind of stories?”

“Um… horror…”

“Oh! Cool. What type of horror?”

Please stop asking questions, Alison thought. “I write stories on kidnapping. Mostly about myself…” She was embarrassed to say it like she always was when she told people.

The kids nodded.

It went silent for a moment. Then, out of nowhere, a person, with a black mask on, came into the room and grabbed Alison by the waist and hoisted her out of the building.

Alison screamed to let her go, but it was too late. It was so on-timing that it was hard to believe.

The kids stood up, shocked.

“Did the new girl just—”

“Get kidnapped? Yeah.” Sally finished Fishel’s sentence.

The teacher—Miss Berry—bursted into the room. “I heard screaming coming from here. Hey, where’s Alison?” She looked around the room, but found no one except for the already-there kids.

“She got kidnapped, M-Miss Berry…”

“Shoot,” Miss Berry ran for the door, but the door locked.

A man burst open the door, holding a gun. The teacher jumped out of the way.

The kids screamed. They backed to a wall along with their teacher.

The man laughed.

“Where’s Alison?” the teacher yelled.

“Oh, that girl? Don’t worry about her. She’ll be dead before you guys can even get to her,”

The teacher was crying. “Let her go, you—”

The blonde-haired under a black mask man pointed the gun at the people. “No thanks. She’s all right with my little pal. She got her hands tied, and her throat will be slit open soon. So I suggest you not beg with me when you’re stupid friend’s life’s on the line,”

“She’s been only here for two minutes…”

The man looked at the crying kid, Tiger. “Oh, boo-hoo. Shut up, all of yous!” All of the kids were sobbing. It looked as though they were all in kindergarten, crying over spilled water, even though they were all in middle school.

“Let her go, you idiot! She doesn’t deserve this!” Miss Berry screamed and hit the man.

“Shut it. Heh, good luck finding her by the way,” the man said. He laughed and swiped his blonde hair out of the way of nothing. The man disappeared out of thin air.

Russ, despite being the teacher’s pet, was the most scared of all as they all walked out the building to look for their new friend.

Chapter three

Alison was scared. She sat in a cage, hands tied with rope, sitting criss-cross.

She breathed in and out. I’ve been kidnapped, I’ve been kidnapped, She kept thinking. No, no, no, no… This can not—

A man came into the darkened room, and smiled. He unlocked the cage and dragged Alison out by her arm. She was pressed up against the wall, her back hurting.

“Do you know who I am?” the man asked.

Alison just looked at the man’s eyes; dark brown. “Let me go…”

The man slapped her in the face. “Well, do you?” he yelled.

Alison yelped. “No!”

The man chuckled. “You really are weak and dumb than in your stories you write.”


“Ah, nevermind. I’ve brought a friend here too. Bring him out, boys!”

Two men dragged a man by the armpits into the room. Alison recognized him instantly.

“Charlie!” Alison yelled.

Charlie Green, or CG5, was tied up by a guard to a chain stuck in the wall. He was unable to escape. He screamed. “Let me go!!”

The guards left.

The man looked at Alison. “Do you know who I am now?”

Alison had tears running down her face. She couldn’t really tell clearly by the tears in her eyes, so she guessed. “M-Mr. Light? Wait, but I thought…”

“And that buddy there who dragged your friend in was… Zlaze. He helped me escape prison, and helped me capture you.”

“Why are you doing this to me? We don’t—”

The blonde-slided-over haired man laughed hard. He took off the black mask, revealing a pale face and a sharp grin. Instead of a black suit now, he wore a light gray one and tan-colored pants. “I want to kill you, girl. Please, I don’t care if you want us let you go. Shut up.”

Charlie cried. He didn’t want to be in this situation again, not today.

“How did you find me?” Alison asked.

“I just put a tracker in your hair. Simple as that.”

Alison sniffled. “Let us—”

The man held a knife up to Alison’s neck. “Say that again and I’ll kill you right here and right now in this very spot.”

Alison’s heart was beating fast, she was traumatized. Her eyes dilated with fear.

Charlie couldn’t stop crying.

“Shut up, you bitch! Quit your whining!”

“Don’t s-swear!” Alison yelled.

“Aww, you’re gonna stutter now?” Mr. Light laughed. “Ha! Know what? Put her in the cage.”

Alison’s eyes widened. “No—”

One guard tossed Alison into the cage again. They left Alison and CG alone.

Alison sobbed. “This is all my fault. I write those stupid kidnapping stories and now we’re actually kid—”

Charlie sighed. “I just wanted to make music… and now I’m probably gonna die now,”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Charlie. I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry—”

Charlie sniffled. “It’s alright. You didn’t know.”

Alison sighed. She sat criss-crossed again, sobbing, shaking.

I don’t wanna die..

Chapter four

“Okay, we need a plan. Where is Alison and we need to act fast. Because she’s probably gonna be killed, and we do not wanna have to deal with her mom being mad.”

Fishel agreed with Russ.

“Why don’t we call the police?” Tiger suggested.

“Good thinking, Tiger. You’re always quick to think of ideas here,”

Tiger blushed at Markus.

Russ got out his phone and called the police.

Ugh. Anyone could’ve thought of that, apple brain, Sally thought, rolling her eyes sarcastically.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” the lady operator said.

Miss Berry took the phone from Russ. Russ was gonna argue, but he decided it would make sense.

“Uh, yes. Hello, our, um, student got taken by a man and we don’t know where he went with her.”

“Okay, did—”

“Wait!!” A man came running down toward them. “I know where the girl is!”

Tiger’s eyes lit up with surprise. She was speechless.

The teacher was confused as she put down the phone. “Excuse me?”

“I know where the girl is, just… please, follow me..” the man said. He had blonde-highlighted hair and was wearing a blue shirt, and jeans. A black Apple Watch laid on his left wrist. He was out of breath from running.

“I don’t understand—”

“Oh, just follow me!” The man pushed up his black squared glasses and ran off.

Everyone was confused as to why they were following the man, but proceeded. The teacher hung up on the operator without a goodbye.

Tiger finally got the courage to speak up and say with awe, “Ch-Charlie? Is it really really you?”

Chapter five

Alison sat in the same position she was in before; hands tied, in the cage.

Charlie sighed, his hands were hurting from the metal chains around his wrists. “How—”

“Look who’s back, boys!” A man stepped into Alison’s cage, holding a knife.

Alison’s head was grabbed by the man’s hand. She was looking up at the crusty ceiling now. She cried as the man held a knife up to her neck with his right hand and his left holding her head back.

The man who put her in the cage, was standing at her side, Mr. Light’s dark brown shoes shining in the reflection of the light above.

“Do you remember who I am?” The man squeezed the knife in his hand as it was inches away from slicing the girl’s esophagus.

“Zlaze… b-but I thought you—”

“Were dead, huh? Were not real at all, just in your… stupid stories you wrote? Well, you’re wrong, because me and Mr. Light here, have teamed up and are ready—”

“I can’t take this anymore! Let me out!”

The villains turned their heads to Charlie. They eyed each other and decided. “Get the boy out of here. We don’t need him.”

Mr. Light nodded and stepped out of the cage, unchaining the screaming man-child, throwing him out of the dinghy building. He walked back into the cage.


“L-Let me go! Ch-Charlie, help!”

Mr. Light smacked Alison in the face.

“Shut up, little girl, or we’re gonna slice your throat open right now if we have to!”

Alison sobbed. She screamed, she yelled, but it did nothing. “I thought this only happened in m-my stories,” she muttered to herself.

“Well, heheh, this is real life, baby. And I’m gonna write it like you write in your damn stupid books; Make you dead.”

“No… please… I don’t wanna—”

“Let her go!”

The villains looked up from the tearful girl and right at the handful of people standing in front of the cage. Well, to the side.

The men smirked. “Oh, wow, you finally showed up to the party! Late, again. You’re just in time to see the girl die.” Zlaze laughed evilly. “Yet again.”

Chapter six

Charlie couldn’t stand all the waiting around. He ran over to the cage and was about to grab Alison’s hand and pull her out but then…

Mr. Light quickly stepped out of the cage and pulled out his own knife, and aimed it at Charlie.

Charles backed away quickly.

“Remember this knife? It’s the one you—oops! I mean, I ‘borrowed’ from you.”

Charlie stared at the little knife with a golden handle pointed at him—his knife that he was going to use on him when Alison and her friend Gabriel got almost taken to death. And now it’s in the villain’s hands.

When Charlie didn’t answer, Mr. Light laughed. “And you really thought the ‘Lightning Holds’ thing was real, huh? Pathetic. Ya know, I told you I’d someday use this weapon of yours, and here we are.”

“Charlie, get away from him now.” Tiger said, mere whispered.

Charlie took the command and backed away from the knife, back to the huddled group, very slowly walking away. He swallowed down fear.

Zlaze looked amused. “Should we kill—”


Everyone turned to look at the person who yelled it.

The boy came into the room. “Ah, ew! This place looks like a dusty cave.”

“That’s because it is,” Charlie said.

The slightly overweight boy returned his attention to the murderers.


“Yeah, yeah, ‘get away from her,’ ‘let her go,’ blah, blah, blah,” Zlaze sighed. “Can’t you guys have anything original to say?”

The boy gulped in silence.

“Now, as I was say—”

Charlie bursted into a run, knocking down Mr. Light as he pushed him.

Zlaze’s green and red eyes glowed with anger as the six-foot-two man wrestled his companion. He yelled, “Enough!”

Everyone stopped moving, except Charlie.

Mr. Light was flipped over and held by the arms to his back, acting handcuffed.

Charlie quickly shot a glance at Miss Berry and put a phone-signal with his hand.

Miss Berry nodded, understanding and got out her phone. She whispered something to the kids.

The children screamed in courage as they ran and helped fought the man in a suit and kicked the cage.

Alison’s chest rose up and down, trying not to be killed while she was trying to comprehend what was happening. She smirked then, getting a plan. “Hey, loser, why don’t you kill me already. You’re wasting time.

Zlaze chuckled. “Fine, I’ll—”

Alison put her legs up and kicked him right in the belly.

Zlaze screamed and Alison took off the ropes around her hands, Zlaze toppled to the floor on his side. He growled.

Alison wrapped the rope that was used for her hands and tied it around his neck tightly. “Sally, get me some water!”

Sally was confused. “Wha—”

“Do it!”

Zlaze struggled to breathe, Mr. Light was getting beat up by CG and the children.

Alison finally got the water from Sally and poured it out on Zlaze’s head.

Zlaze screamed, it muffled. When he finally was dead from suffocating, Alison smiled and put the rope down. She got out of the cage and walked over to the other suffering victim. Heh, oh yeah, now they’re the victim here, Alison thought, laughing in her head.

“N-Need some help?” Alison asked. She helped herself anyway, gently pushing Charlie out of the way, and stomping on the other villain’s throat. Hard.

They soon heard police sirens ahead and stopped.

Alison whispered, “You know, you forgot this was my story I’m writing. Could say indeed it is a… real life story.

Everyone fell silent as Miss Berry came in. “The police are here!”

Chapter seven

Gabriel looked at Alison. The police took Mr. Light and Zlaze away.

“Well, uh, that was something…” Gabe said.

Alison nodded.

“Alison?” someone said.

Alison turned around. Her eyes lit up, and she started crying again. “Mom?” She ran into her mother’s arms and hugged her tight.

“I’m so—”

“Um, guys?”

Gabe turned to Markus. “Yeah?”

“Um… can we go home? I’m kinda sick of standing here.”

Everyone laughed. “Sure,” Miss Berry said.

The gang all went back to the school-looking building.


“So are the villains really dead?”

“Uh, you just saw me choke them, so yes, Fishel.”

Markus smiled.

“So, Mom, how did you find me?”

“Simple,” Alison’s mom said. “It was on the news.”

Alison looked surprised.

Alison quickly felt her hair, and pulled out the tracker.

Tiger gasped.

“How dare you try to mess up my life!” Alison yelled at the gray tracker, stomping on it.

“Guys, can we go home?”

Everyone turned to Russ. Everyone laughed.

Then they all went to Alison’s house, Alison writing her story, and them having a good time.

Tiger asked Charlie, still in awe as she saw him, “Um, Ch-Charlie? Could I get a hug? I’m a really big fan of your awesome music,”

Charlie smiled. “Sure.”

They hugged as Charlie’s water kind of spilled on the floor. “Oops! Sorry, Alison!”

Alison laughed. “No biggie. It’s only water!” She smiled.

Tiger sighed in happiness. They hugged CG5, their idol, and got to go on an adventure with him; a scary one but still. They were so happy.

Alison said, “What’re you smiling about, Tiger?” She looked up from her computer, shifting her position at her chair.

Tiger’s smile grew bigger, it almost hurt. “Oh, um… n-nothing..” They blushed as they pushed up their glasses on their nose. They giggled.

“So, got any new music lately, Charles?” Alison said to Charlie, kind of hinting at the first line of the story she was writing.

“Well, maybe, but it’s a secret…”

Alison laughed. I’m glad the villains are in— oh wait, no, ha! They’re dead!

Tiger and the rest of the gang; Alison, Charlie, Sally, Fishel, and Markus, and of course Miss Berry too, all huddled up, giggling and laughing up jokes as they sat on the red carpet.

Miss Berry smiled at the kids, sighing in relief that all of her students were okay.

The end.

Sorry if the ending was a little plain.

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