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My thoughts organized in a story
This is Brilliant Analogy and it is certainly A Battle between the Nobility of the Faith and the Cancer that Exists as Disrespect towards this Eternal Religion for Humanity.

The above inspiration and turmoil inspired me to write this piece.

The one who committed Suicide or Any Such event where An Emotional Discordance was found Which was NOT the Rasa that is a Temporary state of Bhav post which there is immediate regaining of the Power that had Enriched the Scholar with the Supreme Knowledge, Gave their verdict of the Notion of Faith being Cancerous and deemed What leads to Certain Practicality in the Subject and as it is known to The Scholars, as Not the Right way.

What was the need of Looking for a Philosophy hysterically after coming across a Scholar? Because The Darshan of the Scholar can NOT be accepted For Four reasons:-

It is Not the Philosophy that they professed or deduced.

That acceptance and subsequent teaching in Accordance would reduce the following that happened by Exploiting the Non-Faith of People.

That Acceptance would be against the DEEPEST Imprint that is a Stamp because of a CONFIRMED deed, that we shall discuss later, which Makes sure that People Remain against Faiths.

A Mechanised mind Prefers the Word Holon than The Term Maheshwara because the Word Holon is as per the Current Messed up Deviations of the Source Literature which Falsely Pride over their Discrepancy that makes them the Biggest Defaulters of the Foundation of this Subject.

Their Elimination in The Preliminary Rounds of Detecting by a Scholar happens because their First Few statements Exhibit Not just Their Non Experienced State but they shout that the Master has never sat for any Sadhana which would have brought Atleast One Karma Cutting or Just An Iota of Emotional Transformation.

The Question arises off the third point above. Why should an Imprint keep Men against the Idea of Faiths? That is Because Faith itself does not Want to Embrace those People at this point. The Noble And a Confirmed Dharma by the Scientist of the Mind says that Lets have Some BITTER cleansing of Certain Philosophies by the words of a Scholar first.

They must Very Slowly know their Most Hidden DEFECTS which No Spiritual Master can give and only If a Scholar amongst the Scholars is found then these men Will ATLEAST in their Hearts Know their defects.
It's ok If they continue their Conduct as always on the outside because No One Likes to be Taught and Told. And when a Strong and Negative And Adharmic Ego comes across a Strong lecture which proves it Wrong, It most strongly and Insolently Resists it.

The detective know why the Resistance and revolt. It is because of Chakra Traits.

Those Defects of Certain Mindsets make sure that Even after decades of Being a Spiritual Master or The Follower of that Spiritual Master, No Emotional Transformation was EVER Experienced by them. They know it for sure and this is their Biggest Frustration.

Their Consciousness is Adharma. Adharma means not just 'Non Doing' and 'Non Acceptance', but ADHARMA is Refuting Dharma till One's last breath because Dharma has made them like that. It is the Svabhav of Adharma To Speak and Be against Dharma. Adharma will STEAL the Language and Intelligence and Argument of Dharma to Present their Adharma as Dharma.

Look around. See how Teachers of Fourth Kind will make use of an argument presented by a Scholar to defend their Philosophy or to counter. They Fail miserably in it and are caught by not just the scholars but by their own followers.

Both the Terrorist Organizations and the Fourth Level of Spirituality do that Stealing of the Intelligence of VED and they shall keep doing it, either Openly or Slyly or in Hiding or in The Comments Section of their post.

Oh Lord my Lord Sweet Lord. How I pity Such Philosophies who will now tell me To not Pity but be Compassionate and when I will tell them that that Knowledge of their comes from VED and that Even Compassion if tried to be Felt will be against the Science of the mind and that I am someone who Even exploits the Emotions of Maya to do my Dharmic Duties, they will Shout and scream and become hysterical and abuse Faiths and Call me Drunk.

I am not drunk. I am the one who Injects a Suction which begins sucking out the LAST Drops of Alcohol of Maya left in the System because of being in the world of Maya.

One can Abuse the Doctor who gives us injection that hurts us or We can be How we should be in front of a Doctor who genuinely strives for our cure. Even that Response of ours gets decided or Exhibited as per the Conscience we have.

And I pity them because By Every Discussion and by every statement of theirs they Continue to Give the RIGHT worlds of Spirituality the Reasons why they belong to the Incorrect Spirituality and the Reasons why The Right world should not Listen to them.

There was a Man called 'Arthur Koester' who Fortunately stumbled upon a Theory Called the Holon Theory. Sometimes people Hit The Right Aim even in the Dark. This Philosophy in a MILDER way corresponds to the Analytical Concept of Maheshwara Darshan. But how Can Maheshwara Darshan be Hailed because The Word SOUL is the Biggest Weapon that has been given to them by Maheshwara himself?

The Soul concept is an Eternal ATMAN concept that comes from Sanatana Dharma. Any Sanatana Dharma Lecture will Always talk about the Analytics of Both Soul and Maheshwara and their Relationship.

Krishna begins his lecture by giving the Soul Analytics First, Cruises it through Mind Control because without it a Man will never be able to Catch the Frequency and Teachings of a Scholar and can never become a Scholar himself and then Gives Maheshwara Concept that Eliminates the Cause and Effect, before giving the Bhakti Science that is that Special feature which makes sure that One need not have even Mind Control or Renunciation and One can attain Freedom from Both Mind and Intelligence which Will Manifest as an Experience that shall have BOTH Soul and Maheshwara.

People Lowest in the Character Hail the Scholars as Drunk and Saints as Idiots or Compare The Teachings of Even a Krishna Backed Lecture as Finding Something in the Dark. They are Dark and Dangerous men of the Planet. When a Terrorist Organization Completely loses all it's power and the Back up, Still Some are seen Hiding away and Talking in Code Language and this Conversation that I talk about was done in an Analogous and discreet manner.

Forty Level Spirituality can not conceal their Idiotic understanding of being able to hide a few things by talking discreetly and they Reveal their Disrespect against teachings of Pure Nobility and the idea of Faith in every word that they speak whether overtly or covertly.

One of these Idiots uses Lord Sankar's Pictures when Scholars are around and the Other Used Shakti Chants at one point. I made sure by the last post that Certain Philosophies are no more able to Cheat the world by their False Respect shown towards The idea of Faith, which was only and only done to Save themselves from the Arrows of a Scholar.

And These Philosophies don't know that I will Shoot at the Painting in such a way that the Painting Will get an Auspicious Mark while the Philosophy that hid behind it will Be DEAD.

Indeed this Fourth kind Spirituality Is Plague. Indeed this Fourth kind Spirituality is Cancer. People who Lost the Stature of being an Arya or a Noble Man long time back in a Life that was Full of Dreadful SINS can NOT relate to the CHARGE of the Chariot of an Arya because they Lost all Warrior Hood and All Glory and all Pride and all Honor and All Aggression Because of their own Non Glorious Deeds which makes them Now a Crying Rat and a Slyly Venomous serpent and the COWARD who Can only Speak when He makes sure that there is No Nobility around that will Clean Sweep All the FILTH.

We shall discuss later Arthur's Holon and Holarchy Theory. To the Noble Men/Women of Faith, The following Information should be Sufficient as of now. Arthur Koester Committed Suicide with his Wife in 1983.


When the Chariot of a Warrior is Ridden By Radha, The Warrior Re-Establishes DHARMA whether he is on the Chariot or On the Horse or on Foot. Whether he is With a Sword or with a Bow or with KNOWLEDGE, the Colour of the Victory is Saffron.

This is Radha Krishna Charging the Chariot Ridden by Radha, The Queen. Supremely Drunk in the RASA Called Radha, The Arya amongst the Arya releases Most Venomous Arrows of VED that is SANATANA.


Krishna: 'Whether the Conclusion is of Oneness or of Duality or of Diversity, Scholars reach me Only!'

Radha Krishna: 'It is Inconceivable Simultaneous Oneness and duality and diversity. That Means, Krishna and Soul and Maya are One and Two and Many at the Same time. That One and Two and Many Concept Exists in the Frequency of Absolute Absolute too. Even there(Which is Everywhere) we see different Beings(They are all Absolute Absolute in the Realm Called Absolute Absolute) Exhibiting varied Interests and Qualities despite them being the Same One thing. That is Absolute Absolute. Both the Divisibility and Indivisibility feature is Present there too.

That Divisibility Feature that is of Soul when in the Frequency of Absolute Absolute is Absolute Absolute but as soon as it Exits that Frequency(However Every Frequency is Absolute Absolute but because of Yogmaya, Certain things are Mayic Frequencies and some Frequencies are White Formless Light Frequencies which are Lower aspects than the Absolute Absolute Frequency), it is that Sub-Feature which is Neither as Aware as Absolute Absolute nor as Opulent as Absolute Absolute.

Hanumanji that we know is Jeeva Vishishta Ansha(Pure Soul Differentiated Tattva) as per my Nyaya Verdict. He is also Hailed as Lord Sankar's Incarnation. Brahma, Sankar and Vishnu, that is the Trinity, is Abhinna Ansha (Undifferentiated Tattva). Although the Term Undifferentiated because nothing ever Disintegrates from the Absolute Absolute but Still because of the presence of The Yogmaya Magical Feature of Divisibility Feature of the Absolute Absolute, It is Seen in A Material Universe and It Creates and destroys Planetary Systems.

This Power of theirs CORRESPONDS with the Power of the Soul feature when it is NOT the Absolute Absolute. What is that Feature? A Soul when not Absolute Absolute and when It is only a Sub-Whole than It does not have the Power to create Universes.

We know of a Girl who ties her hair as a Bun just like we see Girls here do that every other day, and Lord Sankar most Surprisingly calls that Young and Innocent Girl as the Source of Sources and the Source of Countless Universes.

Trinity, which is a Part of Absolute Absolute is restricted to only creating Planetary Systems of One Universe to which it belongs and it can Not compete with the Absolute Absolute's power and Opulence of creating Universes or Countless Universes for that matter.

In the World of Maya too, Krishna and Soul and Maya are One and Two and Many and we see diversity because Maya is a set of Goodness Maya, Passion Maya and Ignorance Maya. We as humans are all a Package of Goodness, Passion and Ignorance Maya. When the Package is more of Goodness and Passion, Human Species is Retained. When the Package is more of Passion and Ignorance like the world of Terrorism or the Fourth kind Spirituality than it's difficult to retain the Human body.

Notwithstanding, Every Best man still has Some Ignorance Maya Qualities and The Most Evil Man will have some Goodness Maya qualities. Visit the Lectures of Terrorists and Fourth kind Spirituality, and we will definitely find goodness Traits because Goodness is Maya and they can not remain completely free of it no matter how hard their karmas and consciousness try.

I explained it Because of the Conclusion of Human Mind of Absolute Oneness and Being Rigid against the idea of Twoness and Diversity. It is ok to Conclude in theory that Masculinity and Femininity is One and That Everything is From ONE Source and even Radha and Krishna is One, But we also have to Look at the Simultaneous Presences both in terms of Eternal Theory and Experience.

Eternally Radha and Krishna are seen and known as Two and the Exhibition of Rasa is the Result of Them being Two despite the fact that Rasa is a Power inside both these entities and each one of them does not need another to Enjoy it.

Still, They Are Two Unborn and Eternal Same things just like Soul and Absolute Absolute are Two Unborn and Eternal things despite being One. The Strict Rigidity to The Oneness Stops one from Attempting Bhakti that requires a Sadhana of Twoness (Despite the Fact that A Point of View Shot still makes it Technically a Oneness Sadhana while the Boy Standing in the Front ULTIMATELY confirms the Twoness Too!)

And when one Stops Attempting the Form Meditation Sadhana because of NOT following the RIGHT WAY of Trying and Experimenting with EVERYTHING before living with a Verdict (That goes for Masters and Not Followers) than What will happen will Not be the Source and Supreme Version of the Holon Theory but a Philosophy that would have arisen out of Hollow and Shallow and Rigid mindset.


I have a few Geordie Friends from England. Geordie is a Word that we use for a few Countryside People in England. They Visit me quite often. It was difficult to understand their accent Initially but some Londoners say that even they can't understand it. It is one of the cutest accents I have come across. I sometimes hear them saying 'Unreal' for certain things. Unreal is something that they are used to saying for things which are difficult for them to digest.

We are all born in varied cultures and we begin understanding things as per the meanings of the words of the language we think in, Plus the Consciousness gets carried forward from the previous birth. Then Our own and Individual Mindset comes into the picture.

We see many people not trusting many things and that mostly comes because of the Notions, Mindsets, Languages we think in, Perceptions. I always say, 'Before claiming to be a Master one must cleanse every notion and Try And get Atleast a Disciplined Mind and Emotions in Control so that at least we Can see certain defects of our own minds before coming out and Teaching!'

Every Fourth Level Master Accuses the Men and women of Faith as having an Imprint of a Philosophy or a Programming Not knowing that The Eternal Philosophy asks us to Even Get out that Philosophy from the mind. In fact the Eruption of the form in the Mind post the Cessation of Material Emotions that is accompanied by Rasa is A Complete Freedom from Even Intelligence, What will a Programming or a Philosophy do?

When a Samadhi Attained and a deathless who Speak against a God Philosophy CLEARLY exhibit their lacking of LAST Experience than I am sure we can evaluate The Worth of a Philosophy whose Master never Promised an Emotional Transformation which should be the First lecture of this subject after Giving the Analytics of Soul.

Look at the way Shri Krishna Glides and cruises in his lectures most METICULOUSLY. As a scholar I am a Huge huge huge admirer of His Scholarly Skills. I envy him at times because he Says a few Scholarly things so Stylishly that I can't help by Laud. Thakur, Let me compliment you. It comes from a Scholar and this should make you Proud. 'You are A MIND BLOWING Scholar of the Subject!'

I remember I was deciphering Bhagavad Geeta for the Seventh time If I remember correctly and on one Statement which gave me Goose Gumps I stood on my feet and Shouted, 'Brilliant. Brilliant. How does he know it? How can he know it? He is Class. This is Class. This is Most certainly The Correct and Complete Spirituality and the Lecturer who claims what he is, is Certainly the man who he Claims himself to be. And Thakur ji became My HERO!

Coming Back. It is completely all right to Think of things as Unreal for a Regular intelligence. (I am not calling a Geordie Intelligence as a Regular Intelligence. How Can I? Beardy is a Geordie. It was just an Instance.)

Let's talk about Polished Intelligences.

Einstein: 'Everything is a Miracle. Nothing is a Miracle.'

The above gentleman has Certainly attained a good nurturing of the Intelligence and he has seen the Miracle of a breathing Baby coming out of the mother and Has seen the planets hanging in the Ether and he will never commit the idiocy of Calling anything Unbelievable or Unreal even if he has not seen/Perceived it.

What if I were to say that That Geordie friend of Mine gets accustomed with a few things of the Spiritual subject and gets into teaching without even Beginning any Sadhana, forget about Achieving the Basics of having attained a Good lot of Cleansing to be able to detect faults in one's own consciousness before coming out and Teaching people a subject which must be aware of the defects by an Experience and not by a theory which is based in notions and imprints.

This is a Page that will become 'Unreal' For even Samadhishtha and Deathless Sir, What to talk about the Teachers of Third and Fourth level of Spirituality? We discuss the Eruption of a Quality that is Absent in the Formless Infinity in which Countless Universes Hang and that Eruption happens in a Body which can still die. The Body which breathes and laughs like Everyone has what The Infinity does not have. The Formless Infinity is a BHAV LESS Entity. It is a Formless, Attribute less and Rasa Less Body.

If we were to get stuck with a Tribe who has never ever seen a Human Civilization and we try to tell them that there are people like you who Fly in Heavy Iron Things(Air Planes), They will start shouting in Chorus: 'Hibalala Hubalala Hibalala Hubalala!'

This is what happens when Incorrect Spirituality comes across a Scholar. People of Faith and People who have polished their Intelligences in the IDEAL manner Grasp the Scholar Easily. Einstein would have Got it like a Piece of Cake.

Again, I always say, Atleast attain a State of the Mind which has No Resistance to what is Known as the Ideal way of dealing in the subject of Spirituality and then take it from there.

Forget about Seeing Krishna by the eyes or Having Rasa, I have seen Teachers calling Samadhi or a Most Mundane Siddhi of having attained the power to not get burnt by Fire as 'Unreal'. That is all because of Mindsets which Never Sat for a Mind Sadhana.

For a Master Not Experienced in this Subject, The Correct Subject will become Unreal and when the Fourth Level of Spirituality will come across a lecture which talks about a Boy Following Vishakha in The Himalayas, We will hear 'Hibalala Hubalala all Over!'

We will find people who won't Trust that In Himalayas people are found whose age is Thousands of years.

Lectures of Scholars will make them Bewildered. I don't know what will happen to them if they listen to the Angry Young Man called Sankar's lecture on Radha. Remember Lord Sankar Gave one Word on Radha to Radha Krishna which Became Radha Krishna's biggest Shock in Spiritual Theory? Imagine what will happen if I Give a Detailed analysis of His Entire lecture.


When Arjuna said before the battle I will not fight, Krishna's First Statement before the lecture was in the Bhav of Irritation. He did not expect it from an Arya like Arjun and he said with an Interesting Expression of his Eyebrows which exhibited that he was irritated: 'Why do you talk like an Anarya?' (Non Arya)'

Kripaluji (In Utter Frustration and Supreme Bhav of Irritation): 'People do not have the Theoretical knowledge in place, what to say of any practicality!'

I read somewhere that The Absolute Control can not be With One Entity. I am Not Talking about the PLAYSTATION And Wisdom Darshans of Today which keep changing Stances from Criticising Now to Embracing it To accepting Void to Phenomenology to Holons by their Mechanised thinking, but a Scholar of the Purusha Prakriti Darshan will say that Soul has Complete control over all aspects all the time despite the Diversity.

A Good Void or Nothingness scholar would say that Void has complete control over all aspects at all times despite the Diversity.

A Brahman Scholar would say the Same thing.

An Absolute Absolute Scholar who tells us of the Individual Freedom of Each Soul Both in The world of Maya and Even in the Spiritual world will always say that Even that Diversity is an Intention and Iccha(Will) of the Absolute Absolute Element which has the Ultimate control despite the Free Will which makes a Man a Terrorist or a Saint in a world of Maya and It has the Ultimate Control Over the Soul's Creativity or Brahma's creativity even if a Soul creates a Planet or Brahma creates the fourteen Planetary systems with their own Individual Potency.

That Individual Power is Because of the Supreme Power which Has all the Control every moment. Even the Discrepancy is The Opulence and In the Plan of the Whole.

If a Body part behaves Not in Accordance, Even that Dischord is The Construct of the Opulence of Absolute Absolute. Nothing is possible outside the Fulcrum and the Pleroma of the Opulence and Control of The Absolute Absolute Element, Not even the Most Evident Disconnects.

That is why Shri Krishna has No choice to Release the Control of Cause & Effect no Sooner than the Analytics of Absolute Absolute get known to Souls UNDER Maya. Shri Krishna Has not created the Unborn Cause & Effect but that is an Unborn and Lower Feature of Maya that is the Lowest Shakti of Absolute Absolute.

We have seen even Krishna Saints in the Jail on account of Crimes against women and who Tried to take advantage of the fact that they were free from Cause & Effect. Even a Slight error in Enunciation can get a Ritual wrong and a Slight discrepancy with Eternality May make us Against it.

Both I and Most of the readers of this page are free from the Cause and Effect because they have understood the Krishna Tattva but the Knowers of Correct and Complete Knowledge that we are, we become more responsible because we know now that we are under direct Jurisdiction of Absolute Absolute. Even Brahman which Allows Crimes to happen in Material words has No more control over the Lot which knows the Krishna Tattva Only by it's Analytics and not even by the Experience.

When we walk on the road we make sure that we don't step on tiny creatures, Even in the Weirdest of Our Dreams we don't indulge in Violence against Women and Children. We follow Respectfully the Laws of our Respective Constitutions even if some are in a slight Discrepancy with Eternal laws. Krishna has Immesne Respect for the Good and Noble Human Intelligences and I am very sure A country becomes successful when A Pious mind is behind the Laying of the Constitution.

We Are like that Grass which bends in front of All Philosophies and we do not get into debates. Our Philosophy is the lowest and Radha, the shy Princess, is Lower than the Lowest. At the Slightest invitation of a debate, we say in a volume which is a little Louder than a whisper, 'Radhey Radhey' and we leave that Premise.

BUT YES, When the Conchshell is Blown against the Dishonor, The Hearts of the Most Fearless Must Tremble.

Continuing. The Source Sentience of even The unborn and Inconceivably UnGettable(From Other) Sentience of Soul is Shri Krishna and the Source Inspiration of All the Diversity is Shri Krishna.

A Part of the Entity May behave Differently or in discrepancy but that Diversity comes only because of the Opulence of Absolute Absolute which is One and Two and Diverse at the Same time, Invonceivably.

We all see Jeeva Vishishta Ansha like Hanumanji Behaving in Accordance with Shri Ram's will and we also see Ravan who had come from the Frequency of Absolute Absolute behaving in a manner Which is popular as Against Ram's will. Both are Ram's will. Ram Has complete Control over What is Taught or Thought of as His or his will and What is Taught or Thought of as Not his.

He has complete control over all Discrepancies and Individual Creative powers and Siddhis that certain Parts or Not the Wholes or Even the Humans may have.

Shri Ram has that Privilege and he will Always have that Privilege.

It is Foolishness to Even Think that for Even a Fraction of a Nano Second the Control can be UNCONTROLLABLY Released to another. That will create immediate Chaos in Countless Universes. It is Released In Absolution to a Plenary Expansion. The plenary Expansion is Different than a Soul that has Exited the Absolute absolute Frequency off the Divisibility Feature. That Soul which has Exited the Absolute Absolute Frequency Will have Partial Control. Control is Released Partly to An Ansha and Created beings like us and devatas have a very Small portion of that Control. In Every Feature of Control of every aspect, both the Accordance and the Discrepancy are Always Indirectly and aloofly and Effortlessly controlled by the Absolute Absolute.

Radha Rani has Absolute Control over ALL THAT IS.


I always say, 'Always Come up with a Darshan after an Experience!' If we come up with a Darshan before An Experience of Atleast a Dum Siddhi, Than We shall immediately come in the eyes of the Scholars who don't much care about the Theoretical part in identifying if one is a Scholar or not.

Big Scientists, Metaphysicians, Samadhi Attained, Kundalini Specialists and Known Philosophers Immediately come in the eyes of the Scholars as soon as they claim any of their theory or Conclusion as a Spiritual theory because then they are claiming to be The Master of a Subject which the Scholar is quite confident of and Most of their theories will falls in the category of What I call as Incorrect Sprituality.

And when some Darshans will come in the Category of Disrespectful Incorrect Spirituality than the Discussions in which the Wisest Idiots Give a Smiley which they think expresses their wisdom of identifying the Silent and Sly attack of an Idiot who Knows NOT what to do as a Human yet Barges his Nose in the ways that can be known only to the Scholars. And This Wise Man said once after concluding something with his Idiot Friend, 'That Nudges God Out of it!' That is how certain Characters, who sometimes get lucky to be seen as humans, Talk.

What is The Way and what is Not the way sounds best when Scholars say it and It sounds as Jokery when Confirmed Imbecility Specialists say it.


When we come up with a Darshan after being a Scientist of the mind, Than a Little debate over Little differences in Darshans may happen and Everyone will know that It is Not a Theory based Subject so there is Not much Fight. Notwhithstanding even that, the Science of the Mind that Fetches us Freedom From Mind and Intelligence Must be Understood by Experience otherwise We can Never Ever be the Master of Correct and Complete Spirituality.

Even if a Man copies a Scholar and begins teaching the Maheshwara Darshan than too I am saying that He is Teaching a Theory and he is NOT A Scholar. Even though That Theory has the POWER to free us from Cause and Effect but I still do not Give that lecture the Qualification of An Ideal Spiritual Lecture.

A Darshan comes Later. First Give the Science of the Mind, Explain how to get rid of the Distress which is the reason why this Subject is Taken up and then We shall Talk about the Darshans whether the Soul or Maheshwara or Void or Bhakti Darshan.

The True Master's fight should Not be of Knowing or Concluding or Explaining a Darshan, A True Master must First Experience what is to be Experienced and then He must strive his level best to make sure that the followers get it. Darshans we handle later and Handling Darshans too is an art that the Scholar Knows and he Gives the Darshans in Accordance if he knows he is in a room where Varied Mindsets sit. That is a different and vast topic though. We shall discuss it in another thread.

And what do we see in the Third and Fourth kind of philosophies? A Mix and match in only the Theory and that too keeps changing. No work was ever done to be able to be the Teacher who is fit to be blabbering.

How many times have you seen me Changing my Darshan in the last Eight years since I began writing about my Experiences? It is ok to Switch and we must switch. Even masters can but Masters have more responsibility than many. One must not perform a Heart Transplant or a Surgery before Both Theoretical Knowledge and Practical knowledge are at least in a Good place if not a perfect place.

Talking about copying a Scholar and Lecturing. If that is the Case then the Man will have to make sure that he does not Involve his own Intelligence into the lecture when he speaks and he copies the exact words and even commas because he has not the Experience and his Intelligence's conclusion about why a Comma was used will be in discrepancy with why was it actually used.

A Mild discrepancy in The Sadhana prescribed can Considerably slow the progress or change the course completely.

Shall Continue this.

Saw the movie Kabir Singh today. Got blown away by that Alcoholic and angry Surgeon who performs Surgeries that go hundred percent accurate. I LOVED the Angry Young Man's Love for that Innocent Girl played by Kiara Advani.

She looked Cute and Portrayed Innocence nicely. Dint She? I liked The Direction. Somewhat Down South style but I guess the Director is from down south and that it's a Remake.

I loved Kiara's Deewangi(Madness) for the boy. Deewangi for a Boy who was Angry all the time and the Boy Lost All of it When with Her.

She actually became his Solace

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