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SAMPLE - more coming soon...


Taylor Walter- 16 (Main Character)
-Brianna (Mom) 45
-Alaya (Cousin) 16
-Milie (Friend) 17

Andrew White - 17
-David (Dad) 37
-Jessica (Mom) 36
-Lisa(Brother) 13
-Jacob ( Best friend) 17

Jack Heart (ex)- 16
-Nancy(Mom) 39
- Mark(Dad) 41
-Janet(Sister) 12


Today was a good kind of day, it was breezy but it still had some heat. Jack and I went for a walk. We've been close friends since middle school. I remember when we first met, we were in two different classes. He was sitting in the library staring out the glass window that was speratating us. Him and I have talked before, but never seriously talked. Until the first year of high school, he had asked me out and I accepted, it was awkward in the beginning, since every time we talked it was us acting goofy or making fun of each other. A year later and we are still together, and now we have more in common than peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich.

“So, what do you want to do now?” Jack asked, snapping me back to reality. He had blond messy hair, which is normal, he wakes up with messy hair and goes to sleep with messy hair. Then he had those eyes, the ones you could stare at all day. They were as blue as the sky on a sunny day. That is one reason why I fell in love with him in the beginning.

“I’m not sure, what would you like to do?” I was never the one to make decisions. I was always the one girl who made everything boring and unamusing. After it fell silent I suggested that we should go back to my house, since my parents only gave us a couple hours.

“Okay, sure. That is fine, besides I think your mom is finally starting to like me.” He looked at me and smiled, then he tugged on my finger signaling that he wanted to hold my hand.

Of course, since I can’t resist him, I gave him my hand and we laughed and talked all the way to the car, “Do you think you can stay over for dinner tonight?” I walked to the door and he opened it for me.

“Yes, I will, I probably will be over tomorrow too,” He looked at me before closing the door, “Watch your short legs.” Which made him laugh, and me as well.

“I am not that short” I laughed while talking, “I’m almost as tall as you!” I laughed a little too hard.

“Whatever short legs…” He looked at me, smiled and winked, then he laughed too hard. Which is why I can’t be mad at him, because everything we do is a joke.

“So, tell me. What makes you think I’m so short?” I was very interested to know.

“Well, you can’t even reach the top shelf of your cabinets, and don't get me started on how you have to jump to get on a trampoline, and when you jump you struggle.” he nudged my shoulder as I started to pout, “You are so cute when you pout.”

“Aww, thanks! But you are still mean for calling me short…” I smiled and tried to wink at him, but I looked like I had a stroke.

During the car ride back to my house, he was singing. I had know clue what he was singing though, so I had to ask him. He just ignored me, and kept singing. Some of the lyrics did not rhyme, but they went a little like “I’m in love with you and your short legs, I’m in love with you and the weird things. I don’t know why, but I’m in love with some short legs.” I couldn’t help but laugh when I figured out it was about me.

“I love you.” He looked at me and I smiled. His smiles were what got me through the day, and when he was sad then I was sad too.

“I love you, too!” My smile was bigger than his. Everytime he says he loves me I believe I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I still think about what would happen if we ever broke up, I would be heartbroken, I would- I stopped and I noticed where I was. I was in the car with Jack. I should enjoy it and not worry. I am happy where I’m at as long as I’m with him.

“What’s wrong?” He paused, “I know you are thinking about something, because everytime you think hard you make a face and stare into the unknown,” He grabbed my hand, “I’m serious, you can tell me anything.”

“I’m scared that you will break up with me?” I paused, “I don’t want that…” I looked at him nervously hoping he would make me feel better. Of course he was thinking of what he should say next. He always does.

“I promise you have nothing to worry about, I will never hurt you, I promise.” He had this sincere look in his eyes that made me believe him. Which he didn’t have to have those eyes, I always believed him.

I thought the world of Jack, I just don’t know if he knew. I loved him so much... almost too much. I just hope we last.


I haven’t seen Jack in a couple of months since he's been so busy. He has a job, he has to go to school, and we only talk on the phone three times a week. This is very hard for me, sometimes I wonder if I should just stop trying and not call him anymore. I’ve had times where I thought about him flirting with other girls. When I think of those things, I try to block them out.

Right now I’m eating at my kitchen counter spacing out on all the possibilities of what jack could be doing right now. I don’t know if he is working since I don’t know his schedule, and I’m so worried about it. I refuse to believe he is talking to other girls though… Maybe I should call him. That is what keeps going through my head, and I don’t want to call him what if he is working. I sat there thinking about it for a while. I couldn’t stop, until I heard my phone ring, I couldn’t find it until it had stopped ringing, then I got a voicemail.

“Hey Taylor, it’s Jack. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… but I think that we are growing apart and we should see other people, I think that we should break up, and we can’t be friends… Bye.”

I started to cry and I could only feel pain. I could not breathe and it hurt so bad. There was no other word to describe me as but numb. I got up and I ran to the bathroom, I started to cry a lot and question why I was not good enough, I could not believe he would do this. I just couldn't. Then the one thing that came into my head was “what if he had another girlfriend?” I was so stuck on that, I could not get that idea out of my head. I was so mad, no I was more than mad, I was pissed off. Why would he do it over a voicemail? He could have called me again or waited until we saw each other. I had so many questions that had to be answered.

I called him and it went straight to voicemail. A tear rolled down my cheek. It was hard to see what I was typing since I was crying. I tried to wipe my tears off my cheek, but they just came back and rolled down my face. I started to type him a message:

Taylor: 12:45 P.M.- I just got your voicemail… why? Why would you do this? I hate
you so much you asshole. I can’t believe you, after everything we’ve done together.


I sat there waiting for the texting bubble that indicates that someone is in the middle of typing. Nothing…

I sat in my bed and layed there, it had been three days since I last heard from Jack. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and I’m just laying here. It is 9:30 A.M., and I can’t simply get over the fact he can cut me out of his life just like that. I hate this feeling, I really do. I wish I could just end the world. I wish I could die… The only problem is that I am scared of death. I don’t know anymore, I guess I’m just lost. I should get dressed, because I have to get ready for school. I got up off of the bed and walked to my closet. I saw a sweater that he had bought me, I ripped it off of the hanger and threw it on the floor, hoping my dog would pee on it.

Which reminded me I had to feed my dog for the morning. I quickly got dressed and I went to put some food down on his mat. I scrambled to get my papers for school, I was already running a little behind. Thank God my bus stop is only a block away from my house. I yelled through the house to my mom, “I’m about to leave for school, bye mom, love you!”

It took her a minute to respond, “Bye honey, I love you too!” I felt bad for her because she is always tired, since she works late.

As I patted my dog and said goodbye to him. I started to walk to school and while I was walking to school I put on my headphones and I played my sad playlist… This whole breakup thing is hard, but I know it's going to get worse. I counted my footsteps as I was walking to the bus stop. As I started to get closer and closer I had two-hundred and three steps so far. I could not believe I took that many steps in one block. I got to my destination and I sat on the bench, waiting for my bus to come around.

I looked around before I got comfortable, there was a kid who was sitting by the light pole and he was staring at his phone. I kind of got the creeps from him… Then there was a girl waiting in the grass, she was talking to someone on the phone, it sounded like it might have been a close friend or her boyfriend. I looked back at my phone and played my next song. I was getting tired of listening to Waves, by Dean Lewis. I took one last glance up and I saw that creepy goth boy walking towards me. I kind of freaked out. I didn’t know what he was going to do, I thought of the worst that could happen. He could have probably stabbed me with one of his spikes on his shoes. I laughed a little out loud, which caused me to get the attention of the girl on the phone. GREAT…

“Hey, are you that one girl that Jack broke up with?” He looked at me, and I looked at him. I was shocked he had blue eyes, which is odd, because he had black hair. It was kind of cute though…

“Yeah, I guess I am…” I looked at him and looked back at my phone, thinking, is that who I am now “Jack’s ex”, I hope not. I was kind of getting mad.

“I’m sorry to hear about that Taylor, but the truth is you deserve better.” I looked at him again, and I was going to say something and then the bus pulled around the corner.

“Oh, thanks, I gotta go, I have to get on the bus.” I picked up my backpack and walked to the bus line that was forming. When I got in, I sat in the last seat. I didn’t know who to tell so I texted my cousin and I told her what just happened.

Taylor: 10:45 A.M.- So… I was waiting at my bus stop and there was this weird goth guy flirting with me.

Alaya: 10:47 A.M.- OMG!! Send me a picture. I need to see him!

Taylor: 10:55 A.M.- No, I’m not doing that LMAO…

She didn’t respond, she was probably in class now. I smiled a little when she got excited over a goth, that was unusual. The bus ride was pretty bumpy and I didn’t get a response from Alaya, so I just started to stare out the window, while trying to think of ways to calm myself down so I don’t have a stressful day. I thought of one thing and that was to spend my day not talking to anyone. As I was staring out the window, I saw Jack’s car ride past us, which was not a fun trip down memory lane. Instantly I kept thinking about the time when I went to the movies with him. He picked me up, and he surprised me with a necklace and stuffed animal. I started to get teary eyed so I tried to stop thinking about old memories.

I looked away from the window as I noticed that the goth guy was staring at me. I was so relieved that I was at the school so I could get off of this bus. I was a little creeped out to be honest. As I got off the bus, I felt a wave of relief hit me, when I saw my best friend, Milie. She had brown hair and brown eyes, she always says she is ugly, but yet she distracted the hottest guys in our school.

“Hey Taylor, I’m so sorry. I know how much you adored him.” Milie had given me the biggest hug I’ve had in my whole life. For some odd reason she has always reminded me of a perfect mom, she always has some snacks in her bag, and she has the funnest personality. I love being around her. Milie is the most loyal friend I’ve had. She has always been around for me. She finally let go of me, “You know you deserved better.”

That is hard to believe when I only wanted him. He was the only one I wanted, but of course I don't say that out loud. I just agree and pretend it's okay, “Thank you, I needed to hear that.” Not paying attention to what she was saying I saw Jack walk passed with his friends, he looked very sad. I could not stop thinking about him ever since I woke up, even when I fell asleep I dreamed of him. He turned his head in directions like he was looking for me. I stood there, wondering what he would do if he saw me. Would he come running to me and start apologizing, or would he ignore me.

“So, do you think you want to come this Saturday?” Milie was looking at me trying to figure out what I was looking at, “Girl, you are definitely coming to the party, you need to get your mind off of him.” She traced my eyes and noticed I was staring at him, she walked in front of my view. I know she was not trying to be mean, she was just protecting me. I appreciate it, but I need answers, I can’t just be left in the dark, not knowing what happened.

“Sorry, I was-” I was cut off, not by her, but by myself. I stopped talking because he saw me, and he smiled at me. At that moment I was angry, why would he smile at me, does he think we are friends? NO! If he thinks we are friends, he is wrong… I am so mad right now.

“Are you okay?” Milie was looking at me and she noticed how I was getting mad.

“No, I’m not okay. Jack just smiled at me as if we were still friends!” I looked at Milie with tears in my eyes. I cry when I’m angry which sucks, because I cry when I'm sad too. Right now I was looking for revenge. I wanted him to hurt like I did, I wanted him to feel like I do.

“We should get inside, class is about to start at 11:30.” She looked at her phone, “so class starts in ten minutes.” Milie was trying to get me to walk with her, which eventually I did. She was trying to dismiss the whole situation, “I promise if you stop worrying about this for a little bit, things will get better.” She rushed off to the next topic which was the party… Milie mentioned how there will be lots of fun things to do, and that we could meet new people, “There will be lots of cute guys. So, do you want to go?”

“I guess I can go.” I smiled at the thought of having fun again. I mean as long as I don’t have to hear anything about people being sorry for me. I’ve heard enough about it for the last couple of days. I couldn’t think of anything to get my mind off of Jack, besides the party. It seemed like a good opportunity, so I went for it.

I parted ways with her and went to my class. I couldn’t wait for the party, I was already thinking about what I could wear. I put multiple outfits in my head, none of them were good besides one. It was a black tank with blue ripped jeans, and just to top it off, some gray wedges. I couldn’t even get through class without thinking about it. I was so excited. My class went by fast, probably because I was not paying attention. I walked down the hall to my locker and I noticed there was a note sticking out of the slots on the top of my locker. It was barely noticeable. I grabbed it and started to read it:

Hey Taylor, I thought you should know better things are coming your way… I know it sucks that Jack broke up with you, and it’s okay to be sad. Just don’t let anybody tell you differently. If you ever want to talk, meet me in the library during lunch.

-Andrew W.


I put the note in my back pocket and I quickly walked to Millie’s locker. She was not there yet. I guess I can sit here and wait. By the time she came walking up to me my class was three minutes in, “Hurry! I need to talk to you!” I felt butterflies in my stomach. They did a flip and a twist about seventy times.

“Yeah, what´ s up?” She started to walk faster and faster, until she reached me. I gave her one of those looks and I gave her a look back. Our look we gave each other is telling each other it's about a boy.

“So… I got a note in my locker today, and it’s from Andrew White!” I looked around in the hallway, because I was kind of loud. Thank God nobody was there listening. After I did a fast sweep of the hallway, I handed her the note.

She grabbed it and read it thoroughly, “DANG! I think he likes you.” She looked at me and back at the note, “You should definitely meet him in the library.”

“I want to, but I’m also scared.” I thought maybe she could spy on us to see how it goes. No, I’m not gonna let her do that, “Okay, I will. I will meet him today during lunch.” I smiled at the idea of it.

“Yeah, maybe if it goes well, you can invite him to go to the party with you?” She acted like I was going to fall in love with him instantly… I don’t think I will.

“Yeah, I could.” I thought about it and smiled but I nervously headed back to class after our talk we had. I thought about the small things that made me laugh like a typo in someone's writing or an accidental speaking error. It made me smile a little. As I approached the classroom doors my smile started to fade. I made a little bit of a sour face, thinking of Jack. I was mad, but he can’t control how I feel every minute of my life. I learned if someone makes you an option, they are not worth it.

“Taylor, you are late…” My teacher had noticed as she stated out loud. Every kid looked at me, I felt awkward. Instead of standing there like an idiot I walked to my seat and I sat down, I sat there still feeling eyes on me.

I looked behind me, there was nothing there. I felt so embarrassed, because I was never late to class… and I’m a straight “A” student. Lately, I have been feeling less and less motivated to do anything, I don’t really want to go to class and I don’t want to eat. I sat there and stared out the window. I was thinking about Andrew, he was the nicest guy in our school. Everyone knows him as the athlete and the best looking. Then I had a thought, what if this was a prank, what if he doesn't really want to talk to me… I put that past myself and I just went to my next class before lunch. I walked past my locker since I won’t need anything for this class. As I walked to my classroom, I saw Jack, he was leaning up on the locker. He looked sad, it seemed as if he was texting someone… Probably another girl. The thought of it hurt, it hurt me a lot. There are a lot of things I can handle in life and this is not one of them. Heartbreaks make it seem like there was someone who was there and they’re love was only temporary.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I walked up to him and I started yelling at him, “What the hell! You think you could just send me a voicemail and everything will be okay for me, well you are wrong! I can’t stand you, I HATE YOU! You ruined my trust with guys, and I hope you know. You were always the one pulling me down. I just can’t even think of you without wanting to throw up.” I started to cry at this point, “Me and you were supposed to last, you promised me, you said that you would never hurt me… You are a goddamn liar!” I hope your next girlfriend does the same thing you did to me. I hope she ruins you!”

I waited there for a response, nothing… He didn’t say anything and that pissed me off. A couple more minutes of him sitting there and he just walked away, just like he did when he sent that voicemail. He was too scared to confront me so he did it over the phone. I just stood there about to cry. I decided to skip the last period and hide in the library, making sure no one can find me. I hoped that I could just disappear, I wished that I could just push so hard against the walls with my back that I would fall in a deep whole. I wished that I was dead. I cried so hard my eyes turned bright red and I couldn’t help but rub them, they were burning.

I looked up to see that Andrew was standing there looking at me. I was very confused, the only words I could think of saying were, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to meet you like this… What time is it?”

“It is one thirty-five” He reached his hand out and smiled, “Do you want help? I don’t think you want to sit on the dirty floor… Unless you want to, then I’ll sit next to you.”

“I mean if you want you can.” I looked at him and he walked closer and I scooted over so he had an area to sit… It was quiet for a couple minutes, then he started to speak.

“I’m really sorry about jack.” He paused and scratched his head in anger, “He told me he was going to do this. He said that he was going to break up with you, because you are too clingy… I told him to give me actual reasons how you were clingy and he never responded”

I sat there in disbelief, not anger. It was not Andrew's fault, I mean he did his best. He tried to talk him out of it, that's what I would have done. I sat there thinking about it… How was I clingy? I just didn’t get it… Andrew pulled out his phone and he pulled up messages, he handed me his phone and said go ahead and read it.

Andrew: 1:55 P.M. - Hey, how are you and Taylor going?

Jack: 1:56 P.M.- Well, I hate to say it, but I can’t stand her… she is so annoying and clingy. Trust me, any guy who dumped her in the past is very lucky.

Andrew: 1:59 P.M.- How is she clingy and that is rude you should appreciate her.

Jack: 2:01 P.M.- I’m not going into detail… I think I’m just going to break up with her. I’m not sure when, but I need to find an excuse. Can you help me?

Andrew: 2:05 P.M.- I think that you should stay with her… in my opinion, she is very nice and caring, she never hurt anyone. I think you should at least reconsider it.
Jack: 2:10 P.M.- I don’t think so… Whose friend are you?? I’m asking you to help me… it’s not that hard.

Andrew: 2:13 P.M.- I’m sticking up for Taylor, you know every girl you’ve been with has used you, but she never used you… And I don’t think she ever would.



I handed Andrew his phone,”Thank you, the clarification really helps.” I looked back at Andrew, “Why did you want to meet me in the library?” I was curious, since he never really talked to me before.

“I knew you were confused and I figured like you said you needed the clarification.” He looked at me and smiled a half hearted smile, the other half was filled with sorrow, “Also, because if people seen you and me hanging out after your breakup they would day some stupid crap…”

“I believe it. I mean people are vicious like that. They would say all that they can just to make someone's life so hard.” I looked at him and he was nodding his head, “That is sad, people have to be so miserable to do that to others.”

“I agree, when I was growing up my parents taught me better, they had said that if someone is rude or mean to you don’t feed them. Now as I get older I understand it. They were saying not to react and if you do, they will keep going, they will keep attacking you.” He smiled fully now.

“That is so true, I never really understood that until you explained it to me. Thank you.” I was grinning ear to ear.

“So, do you feel better now that you have someone to talk to?” He looked at his watch and he looked back up at me. He smirked, “Do you want to take a walk?”

“I thought you said if they see us in public they would say stuff?” I was confused.

“They will, but who cares. I will protect you.” He wiggled his eyebrows when he said protect, which made me laugh. He stood up and put his hand out for me to grab.

“Okay, I guess we can take a walk. Also, did you eat lunch?” I was asking because he had found me before lunch had started.

“No not yet, that’s why I said we were going to take a walk… We are going to walk to the lunchroom.” He looked at me and laughed while I had a “duh” kind of look on my face.

As we walked to the cafeteria, I felt the butterflies come back. They felt like they were riding a roller coaster but the roller coaster was in my stomach. I felt as if I was going to throw up, and I didnt want to take any chances so I asked him if we could walk slower. He said yes… which I figured he would. I couldn’t wait to tell Milie about all of this. I was going to tell her how sweet Andrew is and how he seems to actually care about me and how I feel. His smile was super cute and it made me feel like I was in heaven.

“So, do you have any plans for saturday?” He looked at me and then his eyes went back to the ground. I noticed he was tall… Taller than Jack…

“Yeah, I think I’m going to that party with Milie… why?”

“Oh, you are? I was going to invite you to come with me… Is it okay if I go with you?” He laughed nervously and I answered quickly.

“Yeah, of course! I don’t mind.” I smiled, because Milie would die to hear what just happened, and because he wants to go with me, no one else.

It was quiet the rest of the walk, but that's okay we just admired each other's presence. When we reached the cafeteria, people were looking at us, mainly him. Probably because they were silently questioning why he was hanging out with me. Since I didn’t really have a place to sit, he offered me to sit with some of his friends.

I had to think for a minute since Andrew and Jack are friends, wouldn’t he be sitting with us?, “ Um, wouldn’t Jack be at that table,” I had questioned since I began to grow nervous.

“No, he stopped sitting with us a week ago, he told us we grew soft and were scared of women.” He laughed and as we sat down his friends looked at us and made a cooing noise.

“Who is this fine looking lady?” This guy across the table looked up and laughed but in a joking way.

“Oh, shut up Jacob.” He laughed then turned red.

As I was about to grab a chair when Andrew had already pulled one out for me, “Thanks,” I turned a little red and I grabbed the chair. It was a plastic chair, like the ones you would sit in when you're in elementary school. I sat down and I pulled out my laptop as I opened my laptop and logged in and I noticed I had gotten an email.


I opened my email and I stumbled across a letter from Jack:

Hey, I just wanted to say I’m sorry and that I still like you. I messed up and I’m sorry.


I felt dead inside. I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to go find Milie and cry. She always knew what to say, she knew me so well… Kind of like a sister. I just hope we stick together, if we were to stop talking or if something was to happen, I’d lose everything. I guess I’m just scared. I’m honestly a mess right now, but I’m too scared to admit it to anyone. I got up and I scanned the room searching for Milie. She was sitting by her boyfriend Luis, they were laughing with each other and holding hands… I would kill to have a love like that I thought. Milie is super pretty if only I looked more like her.

As I started walking towards her I almost tripped as I heard Andrew call my name. I turned around with tears in my eyes as I noticed I left my computer open on the table. I kept walking towards Milie still, “Milie, I have to talk to you!” I stood there with tears rolling down my face, my vision blurry and I’m angry.

“Oh, my God. Taylor, what's wrong?” She jumped out of her chair and almost made it tip back. She is the bestest friend I’ve ever had and she is always thinking of me… She knows when something is wrong without me even telling her.

“Jack emailed me and he said he still liked me and he is sorry and now I don't know what to do.” I asked her if we could go to the hallway and talk.

“Yeah, of course we can.” She walked next to me the whole time and I thanked her along the way.
When we reached the doors and walked to the hallway I poured out crying, “I don’t know what to do… it’s like he is trying to piss me off. I don’t want to talk to him anymore and now he all of a sudden wants me back.”

Milie looked at me and gave me a tight hug, “ Look I’m going to tell you something good. If they come back to you after they broke up with you, to them you’re an option and they don't really love you. I’m telling you this because I care about you.” She smiled, “.... And remember you have Andrew, and he really seems to like you. Just think of him… He’ll make you much happier.” She always knew what to say… which is a good characteristic.

I was about to walk to the bathroom when Andrew stormed out of the cafeteria with a pissed off face. Now all my attention was on Andrew and I was worried about him. Milie nodded at me in a go-get-him way… so I did. I ran toward him and I grabbed his arm to ask what was wrong, he didn’t slow down. This time I yelled and I demanded he stop. He turned around and for the first time since I’ve talked to him I saw him… the real him.

“I just can’t talk right now… I’m too angry.” he was about to turn back around… but I grabbed his hand.

“Please don’t run, just talk to me… I’m not the type of girl who judges you for the things you do in life or your past. I judge you for your presence and how you treat others. I don’t care about how you dress, I don’t care about how you talk, or if you have an accent. I don't care, I really don’t. I’m the girl who likes you for who you are. Not for what you could or can do.” I smiled a weak smile.

“Okay, but can we talk in the library?” He gripped my hand and awkwardly smiled, which is very cute. He started walking and I followed, his hand still in mine. We passed a couple groups of kids. Then we passed the group I didn't want to see, it was Jack and his friends. As we passed by, I felt their eyes on me, and I think Andrew noticed, so he pulled me closer and he wrapped his hand around my shoulder and acted as if we were together. That made Jack very mad he rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, fuck off!” I smiled a little as Addrew rubbed my shoulder, which felt comforting.

When we reached the library and sat on the floor in the corner between two bookcases. We sat there in silence for about fifteen minutes, it felt normal, it felt good too. After a while we started talking. I broke the silence first, “That was good acting you did there.”

He laughed and grinned, “Who said I was acting?” He turned red and so did I. I didn't know what to say, I felt very excited. He looked at me and I thought he was going to kiss me, “Well, there was something I never told you, I liked you since middle school.” He smiled and then he leaned his head on my shoulder, and I leaned mine on top of his, “When I first saw you, you were at the ice cream shop, it was the summer before eighth grade. You were wearing a black tank top with skinny jeans, you looked so beautiful, and you still do. You had your hair in a high ponytail….

“How do you remember all of that?” I was in shock, I never knew someone liked me that much. I couldn’t wait to tell Milie and Alaya.


After the bell rang, we sat there for a while longer. I think he fell asleep, I wasn't really sure so I nudged him softly.

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