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Our caramel tipped Persian cat often sits in a window, dreams of a land beyond his reach.
"Cat in the Window"

Balancing on a rim, against the screen.
He watches a colorful flutter of wings.
Hummingbirds play, listen to their drones,
darting a sweet feeder all their own.

Between those huge blue eyes
Taz’s brain is fast and wise.
Outside fun beckons him.
A chance for escape is slim.

Our white Persian is a beauty.
Hair combed daily is often a bloody duty.
He doesn’t care about soft locks.
Lizards, squirrels; chipmunks await to stalk.

Spooky is our outside feline.
Slick black, high pitched meow whine,
craves loving hands, any kind.
Taz watches with a curious mind.

Once a day, if he behaves,
a stroll outside is what he craves.
Our wildlife woods is quite a zoo.
A lake gleams, a playground too.

An hour is a short time for him.
No leash means a chase begins.
I get exercise, he soon wears out.
Treats await, a combing out.

Most lovely days,
are lazy for our sweet boy.
Snoring on his back, feet held high.
Exposing a furry belly is quite the joy.

With colder weather, rainy days,
back in the window, he quietly stays.
Looking out at a busy world,
wondering when he will visit again.

By Kathie Stehr
September 29, 2021
32 lines
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