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Character profile of Trent Dillman
Trent Dillman
7/15/93 (28 years old)
Cameron and Arnice Dillman – parents
Money was important to the people who raised him
He is an only child
His economic status was upper middle class, he was popular, played football, etc.
He is of European descent
He has only lived in [name of town to be determined]
He is college educated but would rather not work
He is working as an ad executive because he makes good money at it, but is not at all fulfilled by his job.
He would rather be a playboy on the beach or the ski hill than to work for a living, so he moves from one job to another quite often
His best friend is his cousin Keith Rattenen. He has other friends he goes to the sports bar with or plays golf with, but they are more a large group of acquaintances than friends
He spends time with Keith and sometimes has an on and off girlfriend or two
He lives alone
He fights with his own inner demons (only wanting money, as his parents only wanted money, not children, but felt saddled with him)
Wishes to spend time with: his grandfather, who was the only person who seemed to take an interest in him when he was growing up
No one depends on him but him and he would rather have it that way than deal with the pressure
He most admires his Aunt Diane and Uncle Dale (dec), because they seemed to have it made with the amount of money they had
Trent dates casually, but does not see himself getting married or having kids.
He does not have a close relationship with God, although he was raised Lutheran. He does believe in God, however.
His overall outlook on life is not great. He is not happy because he has to work for everything he has when others in his family get things handed to them. He keeps hoping that, by hanging out with Keith, he will be accepted into that one day.
Trent accepts himself, but does not like himself. He believes money will change all of his problems.
Trent is perceived as confident, but he truly is not. He knows Keith will always get him in trouble, but Trent is a very trusting person, no matter what happens. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is genuine and has a good heart.
Although Trent can be taken advantage of, he is often one of “the guys” in the bar that will ridicule others and likes to be the center of attention while putting others down.
When Trent is alone, though, he is critical of himself.
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