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A walk in the rain down
Falling leaves line the streets and sidewalks
As the cold November rain falls
A westerly wind chills to the bone
The days grow shorter as the nights grow longer
What is lurking in the dark?
Hidden just around each corner
What stands hidden in shadowed doorways
Down darkened alleys of cobble and brick
Past ivy-covered wrought iron fence and gate
Winding walkways to historied houses
Where pale figures peer out windows
Past long drapes and dusty curtains
Lost love lingers in quiet rooms
And overgrown gardens
Dancing past empty fountains
The cold November rain falls
And drenches the fallen leaves
Puddles form where the sidewalk dips
And in every pothole on the old roads and streets
Are those footsteps behind you
Or is it just your imagination
You’ll never know what the wind brings
When it comes with the Cold November rain

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