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An attempt to define poetry.

As the guitarist tunes the strings,
so the poet adds the words,
each in concert with the rest,
a chord in harmony of meaning,
and so plucks other strings
in the deepest places
where reason does not go.

Let the painter load his brush,
to lead the eye in a dance of hue,
so the poet draws the words
to weave the spell of feeling,
response elicited beyond
mere understanding,
where angels dare not go.

To say in words
what cannot be said
is to speak
the greater truth.

Line count: 18
Free verse
For D.W.G. Poet, Know It, Show It, Contest, December 2021
Prompt: WHAT DOES POETRY MEAN TO YOU-why do you write poetry?
What would you want to see in this contest?
Poetry form of your choice answering the questions.

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