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Love is complicated
         So you see I was supposed to see the new spiderman movie with my partner, and we had to reschedule due to covid outbreaks. So we were going to go sometime during this month. After maybe 3 days they tell me they are going to go see the new movie today, so automatically I say "I thought we were supposed to watch it together?" and they said "We still can, ill just watch it again" and I just said no. because why would I want to go see the new movie with someone who has already seen it. I am not trying to argue with them so I just said that's fine. but they do know it upsets me a little bit. So is this valid? Don't get me wrong I am so grateful for them, and I love them dearly. But it did hurt my feelings a little bit. But if I keep expressing that then I am see as "Crazy". and not to make things sound worse but they didn't even seemed like they care. first they said "Well i'm sorry" and when i said its fine Ill just watch it with other people, they just said, "Ok". Am I jealous... that i don't get to hang out with them as much? I just don't get why I was So upset about it. I don't know.... so much for "The magic".
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