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by Bob
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The continued courtship of Coleen O'Mally as Sean achieves his goal.
As Sean reached the O'Mally residence for his weekend visit with the fair Coleen he happened to reach the gate at the same time a mounted dandy on a fine chestnut happened to dismount at the same moment.
"Where do you think you're going boy?" growled the rider as his feet struck the cobblestones. Sean took his hand from the gate and turn to the young man a year or two his elder. Tall and handsome, dressed in a black broadcloth waistcoat and pale grey trousers. They hugged his legs and vanished inside the tops of his brilliantly shined black riding boots. His black top hat matched his finery and was finished off by a black lacquered cane with a silver handle.
"Why, I'm here to pay court to Miss Coleen O'Mally lad, and yourself?"
It'd be best if you moved on down the lane as I am here to see the young lady and there's no room for two young men about the O'Mally house today," the boy said roughly.
Sean grinned his widest grin and said,
"It's that I'd have to agree to boyo, Miss O'Mally is expecting me as she does every weekend, so I'd remount your fine steed and find some other lady to court today."
"You don't know who you're dealing with lad. I'm welcome here any day I choose to drop by so be on your way."
The horseman made the mistake of raising his silver headed cane and Sean moved from being an amiable young man to an Irish dock hand always ready to meet trouble head on. As the cane started its downward arc Sean's left forearm snapped up to block the blow; his right came in hard and fast to connect with his competitor's left cheek bone just below the eye and beside his handsome nose. The boy's head snapped back as he fell against his mount for his feet were not set for Sean's quick response. The high spirited chestnut reared and wheeled to gallop down the lane and the boy, now sporting a fine shiner and a cut under his eye thought it best catch his beast rather than be caught walking back home to the manor. He scooped up his dusty top hat and charged after his horse.

Coleen, sitting at her dressing table, had looked out the window as she heard the clatter of hooves on cobblestones and saw the entire incident. She knew the boy as the son of the local banker and her father as a course of good business had allowed the boy to pay court to his daughter. She saw the cane rise and instant anger rose in her heart. It did her Irish heart good to see Sean's quick response. She now knew she'd never have to fear being out and about in Sean O'Brian's company. She tripped down the stairs and met Sean at the door upon his first knock. She looked him over and he seemed unruffled, so she invited him to join her in the parlor.

"Did I not see you put the run on the banker's eldest son Sean O'Brian?"
"The banker's son you say," said Sean his eyes widened, "had I known he was the banker's son I might have blackened the other eye as well," he grinned.
Coleen couldn't help but giggle.
"That might not be such a good idea Sean, you may wish to borrow a bit of funds now and again."
"So far I've only done business cash on the barrel head with funds I've made and saved for the purpose. I hope I never have to become beholden to a money lender of any stripe if I can help it. By the by, I've news. I just received title to my section of land down in Alabama territory."
"Oh, Sean it's a fine thing you've accomplished for yourself. A whole section of farmland all your own and paid for."
"Aye, Lass, It's been three quarters of a year since I've been calling on you and in about three months I'll be outfitted to travel and settle on the land. If you think you could be joined to a working man, I'd be blessed if we could call it our land. Coleen O'Mally, would you wed me Lass?"

Sean had no idea but he girl he'd set his heart on had not just followed her parents across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in a new land because she was their child. Coleen O'Mally had an adventurous spirit. The strong hearted lad who'd paid her court for almost a year had won her heart with his strong will and powerful ambition. She'd follow Sean O'Brian anywhere.
"Yes, Sean O'Brian, I'll wed you and follow you to Alabama if Da and Ma will give me leave."
"Lass, you've made the light of my life." He fell to one knee before her, took hold of her shoulders and kissed her full on the mouth for the first time. It was way better than hand kissing.
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