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SFR is a realistic F1 2021 league that aims to give a realistic experience of an F1 team.
Blockbuster Trades, Collins Clean Sweep, and issues at Alpine!

Well then, that was a hectic few days, wasn't it? The transfer window opened Monday evening/afternoon depending on where you're from, and within 12 hours, we saw 6 drivers swap teams. It all kicked off when The Flash's replacement was announced to be Bennie, who was replaced at AlphaTauri by another favourite for the sister team's seat, Mister Altf4. This then caused Aston Martin Principal Jakeboii to go on the hunt for a replacement, eventually coming to settle on Rullatorn. Reports say that a sum between 300,000 to 700,000 pounds was paid to the American outfit to sweeten the deal. This move caused the Haas Principal to search for a replacement, setting his sights on Prema driver Strikerboi.

While this was happening, Prema and ART team principals were in negotiations regarding French driver Satellite. It is believed that Hunterfury, the Prema boss, initiated these talks, as a source told us that he also inquired to the DAMS boss about his second driver Alex. This was likely spurred by the mostly silent exit of Juno, the Prema man leaving after the race in the streets of Baku. The result of these negotiations was an agreement that Prema man Strikerboi would get his drive in the Haas car for the rest of the season, while Satellite, who replaces the brit, will be replaced himself at ART by hotly anticipated newcomer JulianDeBowman, who only recently signed with Carlin. This leaves two F2 seats empty, in JulianDeBowman's wake at Carlin, and in Juno's at Prema.

After all this drama, it would be easy to forget what came in the weekend before. Collinhogenberg took an impressive TRIPLE victory in Azerbaijan, winning not only the F1 race in his reserve appearance with Red Bull, but also both the Feature and the Sprint races in F2. He also took the F1 pole position, and all but one of the fastest laps, tipped in the F2 Sprint Race by Wiese. in a dominant showing for the dutchman that cemented him as one of the best drivers in the league.

Further down the grid, Sir Vizzy made his first points finish with a great P6 in his lowly Williams car, while teammate Splunkx failed to finish. Also notable is newly signed Aston Martin driver Rullatorn, who, while in a Haas for what would be his last time this season, took a memorable P7 which saw him holding off what look like much quicker cars on paper. Debutant Rigf looked poised to take a top 5 finish until Bennie spun around while battling Mister Altf4 and took the front wing off the Dutchman's Ferrari.

Reports are coming as I write this that Charlie has left his seat at Mercedes, meaning more transfer carnage is to come in the next week, as well as the race at the one track that unites Formula One fans, the Sochi Autodrom. For all this action and more, make sure to check back next week.

If you want to submit any rumours or possible stories/leaks, use the link at the bottom. This will open a box that you can use to send in anything you may think relevant. This may require a login, if it does, you can specify if you want to remain anonymous or be named. If not specified, I will assume that you wish remain anonymous.


Post release edit; there were one or two discrepancies in my info. Collin took 1 pole and 2 fastest laps, norlt 2 and 3, and Maxmaarten in fact took p5 after penalty removals, pushing Sir Vizzy and Rullatorn down a place each. I blame being tired as shit for the issue with Collin, and Connor not having the results up to date for the Maxmaarten issue. These have both now been corrected.
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