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by Bianca
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2265910
Entry for the Writer's Cramp, 23 Jan 2022
A cure for the Writer’s Cramp?

She started to block, it looked like she knew it,
and so the word she turned to …he.
No S in my words is a drama.
Every time I try to type that letter I hear a smothered “ouch!”
“What is the matter?” I asked out loud.
“You are pushing too hard on my key.”

“Be honest, Bianca, I don’t understand
How you can type so fast, with ice cold hands
This for over twenty years now, when I was a vamp
But nowadays your hands are giving me cramp.”

S shivered ans shook, like only an S could do
“Look” – she said – “at your pale fingers, is there nothing you can do?
Heat things up girl, just help me get warm
I will release my Super S charm.”

Two seconds later I found my FG’s*
And boy, they really make my hands warm
The Writer’s Cramps from S are not yet past tense
She still lets me type words, that do not make sense.

So the cure fort he Writer’s Cramp is not coming for me
And little old “S” is still a stubborn key.

20 lines, free style poetry
*FG’s = Fingerless Gloves

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