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Just a revised, shortened, and better version of Chapter 1.
"Let's see... now, uh... the last place was a mile north-west of Ozzy's..." Cosmo told herself. Cosmo was busy trying to pinpoint where Hazel would strike next when a dark green fox randomly dropped on her head.

"AAH!!!" Cosmo yelled, as she was squished in between the fox and her chair.

The fox got up, dusted herself off, and shook her head.

"Um... w-who are you...?" Cosmo asked, confusingly.

"My name is Clover. You may think this is crazy, but I'm a time traveling fox that came from 15 years ago." the fox said.

"Um... o-okay...? Go on..." Cosmo answered.

"About 5 years ago, I helped a universe-hopper named Hazel fight something. But, when we thought we won, the enemy tricked us and corrupted Hazel. I'm trying to fix it now, but I don't have the power to remove the corruption. I've figured out that YOU do." Clover said as she jabbed her finger into Cosmo's chest.

"M-Me...?" Cosmo asked. She was having a hard time trying to comprehend what was going on.

"Yes, you. You have the power to remove the corruption... YOU have to stop her. The only thing I can do is weaken her so you can get near her." Clover explained.

"Um... s-so you're saying there's this person that's corrupted and I have the ability to stop it but you're going to weaken her so I can get closer???" Cosmo asked, dazed.

"Yes. Now, are you in?!" Clover asked, impatiently.

"Sure..." Cosmo replied.

She grabbed Cosmo's wrist and teleported them to where Hazel was at. The rampaging corrupted wolf was destroying everything in her path.

"I'll hold her off, get ready!!!" Clover yelled as she zapped Hazel, weakening her just enough for her to be unable to repel any attacks. Cosmo, not knowing what to do, sprinted at Hazel, but the corrupted wolf punched Cosmo and sent her into the wall. She froze Clover in place.
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